Elite settlements of Moscow region, where you can buy a house with trim


    In the suburbs the most affordable luxury cabin with a repair can be purchased for 40 million rubles

    In the primary elite market of the Western part of the Moscow region is actively developing new trend – home trim. The share of such proposals has increased two-fold. If in 2017 with a ready repair sold only every 20th cottage today – one out of every 10. Just in the new village near Moscow sold 86 houses with a ready repair. The cheapest of them is worth 40 million rubles, and the upper limit exceeds 720 million rubles. The Portal “Elite.RU” Savills has chosen eight projects to acquire suburban housing “turnkey”.


    The most affordable luxury homes trim sold in “Glagolevo-Park”. The project is located 380 households, including townhouses and duplexes. The price starts from 40 million rubles and goes up to 111 million rubles, the area houses varies from 236 to 420 square meters. Housing built on several projects of different materials, including brick, laminated timber and even logs of larch. Over 46.7 million rubles, for example, sold a 2-storey furnished house of laminated veneer lumber. Total area – 290 square meters. On the ground floor is a living room with fireplace, dining room, kitchen, guest room, bathroom and sauna on the second – four bedrooms and two bathrooms. On the site (15 acres) built a two car garage and utility block.

    “Glagolevo-Park” is located in 35 km from MKAD on the Kiev highway surrounded by pine forest. On site, the amount of which is 81 hectares, there is a lake, which raised fish for fishing. Equipped with two tennis courts. Café and family centre (an area of over 4 thousand square metres), which houses the children’s Academy and the drama Studio, a fitness Park, a cinema, beauty salon, restaurant “Family Garden”. The construction of the “Glagolevo-Park” started in 2008 and today the project is built on 95%.

    “Art EKO”

    The next availability is the village “Art EKO”. Here buyers can choose from five projects, or to order an individual. It is planned 32 houses, built on technology Fachwerk and the architectural style of a Huf Haus. The cheapest cottage will cost at 49.3 million rubles, the most expensive – in 102.9 million rubles. The area ranges from 315 to 480 square meters. As a pilot house and demo Builder has built a house according to the project №1. This 2-storey building with an area of 410 sq. meters, fully furnished. The first floor is a public space: kitchen, living room with dressing room and technical rooms. There is also a guest bedroom and a study. The second floor includes three bedrooms, each with dressing room and bathroom.

    “Art-Eco” is closer to MKAD is 32 km away and in more prestigious Novorizhskoe direction. The settlement chamber, the area represents the area in the forest with a small stream and pond and is just over 14 hectares. On the shore of the pond, the developer plans to build a SPA-complex with Russian bath and a Hammam. Also a children’s Playground, area for playing and relaxing, gazebo, multi-purpose sports and gym area. Today, the project is already built 20 houses in the near future are going to take four more.

    “Millenium Park”

    In “Millennium Park” buy a house decoration you can for the amount 84-194 million. In total, the village has about 600 houses. Area of cottages – from 392 to 694 sq meters. All houses are designed in the same style, with the elements of Neomodernism, French chalets and classicism. One of the proposals with the finished repair – the mansion at 429 square meters with a plot of 23 acres. On two floors there are six bedrooms, including three with their own bathrooms. Used in the finishing of parquet, marble tile and moldings.

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    This village as well as the previous, built on the New Riga, only 13 km closer to Moscow. The project is very ambitious, the total area of the village occupies 285 hectares. The territory is divided into seven blocks of the United Boulevard ring. One of the main features through which the project is called “Moscow Venice” are the manmade canals with a combined length of five kilometers. Set along the embankments of the rotunda, pavilions and sculptures. There is a lake with beach, 30 acres of parks and five themed gardens, connected by pedestrian and Cycling trails, constructed playgrounds and sport zones. Also has a kids club “Robin hood”. At the moment, almost all the houses in the village inhabited.


    In this village, the developer of which is the company Villagio Estate, the prices are a bit higher: a minimum of 88 million rubles for 290 square meters. There are a total of 324 of the mansion. The most expensive house area of 585 square meters sold for 150 million rubles. All residences built in the same style modernism, decorated with marble and granite, wood and stone. One of the houses – finished 2-storey, built in the neoclassical style. The area of the building, including three bedrooms and three bathrooms, is 382 square meters, plot area – 22 acres.

    “Montevil” – another village Novorizhskoe highway is located 23 km from MKAD. Total area of the village is 115 acres. The territory is divided into four quarters. The project infrastructure includes children’s playgrounds, themed gardens, pavilions, sculptures and flower beds. The total area of parkland, where the river flows Biliana, with 22 hectares.


    In the “Trouville” to buy ready to move in houses will need at least 104,8 million rubles, and the most expensive house is 398,6 million. Area of houses – from 298 to 399 square metres. The project has 87 households. A large part of the cottages built with the traditions of French architecture of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, in the Norman style; and the buildings modern. Pictured below is the mansion a maximum area. This 3-storey house with four bedrooms. The plot size is 13.3 acres.

    The village is located 18 km from Moscow on Minskoe highway. The project made in the likeness of the eponymous French resort. On site there is a walking area, a lake with waterfall and a Playground. Restaurant “Jean Remy”, a café, pool, Wellness club and a hotel. The village is completely built (developer – the company “Mirum”) and almost ready for occupancy.


    It is also a project of “Mirum”, but with higher prices. The architecture is European. The most affordable cottage trim can buy of 215.8 million rubles (yardage – 642 “square”).
    The upper price bracket – 474.1 tons were million. This three-story house (with four bedrooms) with an area of 687 square meters with a plot of 21 acres. On the territory there is a detached garage with an area of 125 square meters.

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    “Deauville” is also located in the Minsk direction, but closer to Moscow, in 10 km from MKAD, and also implemented in the likeness of the eponymous French resort. The total area is 64 hectares, 16 of which are occupied by the lake. Also there is a Park area with sculptures, playgrounds and paved roads. There are sports SPA complex and a restaurant, the appearance of which resembles Versailles. The village is built and almost ready for occupancy.

    “Barvikha XXI”

    The following two projects are the most expensive in the country market, due to their location. “Barvikha XXI” is only five km from MKAD on Rublevo-Uspensky highway. The houses are built on projects developed in the style of Frank Lloyd Wright. Just built 64 two – and three-level cottage. Even the most affordable lot with finishing worth 522 million rubles, although the area has a very large – 925,6 square meters. Price high differs slightly. The most expensive house in the village, with an area of 1 thousand square meters, will cost 557,4 million. The house is on a plot size of 36 acres. 2-storey building with a basement level where there is a cinema, a wine room, two walk-in closets and an apartment for staff. There is a separate two car garage. On the ground floor – kitchen, dining room, bathroom, bedroom with bathroom, office with dressing room and bathroom, on the second – three bedrooms, each with private bathroom and dressing room.

    This village, like the following, implemented by a group of companies Gletcher. The village is 25 acres. The site is adjacent to 20 acres of woodland, where he organized the Park, areas for recreation and children Playground. The Boulevard is equipped with rows of lime-trees and sidewalks on both sides.

    “Zhukovka XXI”

    “Zhukovka XXI” is located a bit further from Moscow is 9 km away. But that here are concentrated the most expensive luxury residences “turn-key”. The territory is divided into 51 area. All the houses are built on individual projects. The most affordable cottage finish is 666 million. The corresponding area – 1.1 thousand square meters. The highest price of all the primary country market (houses to repair) at the residence for 720,8 million roubles. For the money the buyer will receive a mansion on 1.2 thousand square meters with a plot of 50 acres. The building has seven bedrooms with wardrobes and bathrooms, double-height living room with exit to the terrace, kitchen and dining room for entertaining, study, cigar lounge, walk-in closets for seasonal clothing, technical and utility rooms. There are also rooms for domestic helpers. On the plot there is a garage for three cars.

    “Zhukovka XXI” covers an area of about 50 hectares. Facilities: the complex Pride Wellness CLUB with a total area of 7 thousand square meters, including a sports club with Aqua-zone, beach and outdoor pool, an indoor pool, a children’s pool and Jacuzzi, tennis courts, restaurant, kids club and Beauty salon &SPA. All necessary infrastructure facilities are commissioned, the village transferred to the regime of permanent residence.


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