Bogenhouse: an elite house on the embankment overlooking the Kremlin


A project on the first line of Ozerkovskaya could easily fit into the fashionable quarters of Berlin or Munich

The developer of a new club house by the water offers to look at the city through the eyes of a European. It is located in an area where pragmatic Muscovites – merchants lived.

Traditionally, expensive views in the capital are those that overlook the Kremlin and the Cathedral of Christ the Savior. They are followed by all the variety of views of the river. And although over ten years the city authorities have renovated and improved more than 70 km of embankments, but the coastal residents are still the smallest Moscow “clan.” At the time of the development of the plan for the development of territories along the Moskva River (2014), they occupied 44% of the embankments, and only 10% of the territories near the river remained residential.

Now the choice of real estate near the water is about 30 addresses. “There are lots that are less than 10 million rubles and more expensive than 200 million rubles,” says Yana Glazunova, General Director of VSN Realty. “The largest volume of lots in the submarket is presented in business class buildings.” ; complex “Zilart” & # 8211; second in the number of projected lots (almost 7000 apartments). You can imagine how lively the embankments of these projects will be.

The buyer of expensive real estate remains in the Garden Ring. There is no boom in expensive development in the capital, the volume of supply has remained stable for the last two years – the exposition (based on the results of the third quarter of 2021, Savills) presents about 2,000 elite apartments and apartments. However, on the first line near the water, the choice is point – less than 10 addresses.

Finding the charm of Parisian embankments in Moscow is difficult. Modern architecture, like on the prestigious Berlin Spree, is simpler.

By the way, it is the capital of Germany and its large cities that have the greatest potential for growth in the real estate market (PwC and ULI report). A German take on a modern expensive home – no frills, architectural and infrastructural.

Armed with a volume of Heidegger, we will go to Zamoskvorechye. By the way, the first German settlement was there, between Polyanka and Yakimanka. Following Heidegger, we will look for a mood that the philosopher considered a background feeling of belonging to the world, namely: mood is the way we live.

If we want to live dearly, then we go from the first of the comfortable pedestrian zones near Novaya Tretyakov Gallery towards the old Tretyakov Gallery. In half an hour we pass several picturesque embankments and adjoining clusters of expensive housing on both sides of the river: first the Golden Mile, then Zamoskvorechye.

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In Zamoskvorechye, traffic is no longer as busy as in the Kremlin area, although it is a couple of minutes before it. Quiet, an area for their own. Ovchinnikovskaya and Ozerkovskaya dispose to walks: 3 km of the updated route (in 2019) along the Vodootvodny Canal, with wide sidewalks and stylish wooden benches.

Of all the expensive new houses in the district, only one is located on the first line – this is the Bogenhouse clubhouse on Ozerkovskaya embankment (photo above). Such a house could easily fit into the trendy neighborhoods of Berlin or Munich, with the best examples of modern European architecture. The project is pro-Western in a good way, based on how it looks and what it offers inside. You can evaluate all this personally, since the object has been commissioned. After a closed presale, Bogenhouse was brought to the market in August.

Now, out of 43 lots on display, there are 3 penthouses and 16 apartments in the area of ​​86.8 sq. m. It is difficult to resist the views of the water of this object. A rare offer for Moscow, when for the sake of a panorama you don't need to build a tall building – less is more – five floors are enough.

Each apartment overlooking the canal has a beautiful landscape in its own way. From the height of the third floor, it seems that the water is incredibly close, the sidewalk, in principle, is not visible. The terraces (171.6 and 261.4 sq. M) of the penthouses have several long vistas. Buildings in this part of the city are of medium height, so the view is free, and the sky seems to cover you from above with its dome.

To understand this house, one does not need to imagine too much. At first glance, it seems that the facade is holding the poker face. With Moscow's love for decorativeness, such architectural Protestantism breaks the mold of ideas about an expensive house. Here you need to understand that high-quality solutions are hidden behind the outer minimalism. There are natural walnut and marble finishes, Beckhoff's engineering is the German “smart home”, and the German ThyssenKrupp is the “Rolls-Royce” among the elevators.

Bogenhouse has its own rhythm: in the alternation of the width of the panoramic windows, the circular walk on the open terraces of the top floor, the clear sound of light sandstone and dark metal accents on the facades. There is also a sense: practical expensive real estate for a city dweller who knows the price of his own comfort and does not want to overpay for services.

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The two wings of the house create a strict volume with a small yard. The first level is reasonably divided into an entrance group with a reception and a 200-meter lounge with access to the garden, by the way, the landscape is ready, and the garden is being prepared for the first winter.

< img src = "/wp-content/uploads/2021/10/ccf2e9f4a31d140aa86cb9510b051be8.png" />

The decoration of the public spaces of the house will be completed by February, but the volume and scenarios of movement in the house are already clear. The co-author of the developer in the design of the lobby, lounge and decoration for several apartments (the finished documentation is handed over to the future owner as a compliment) was the DBA-Group. They know very well how Muscovites love to relax, because the studio's customers are not only developers of expensive housing, but also famous restaurateurs.

The most expensive offer in the club Bogenhouse is a penthouse 261.4 sq. meter with 4 bedrooms and a roof terrace. The area of ​​the master bedroom for this lot is 30.6 sq. meters. The cost is 339.82 million rubles.

It is worth noting that in the project you can choose a penthouse in a rare for Moscow area of ​​up to 200 sq. meters – such areas make up only 3% of the proposals in the format (Savills). On display at Bogenhouse there are 180 sq. meters for 207.115 million rubles and 154.7 sq. meters for 201.11 million rubles.

Unlike the owners of other club real estate near the water, the Bogenhouse families get the best embankment – its multi-lane highway under the windows. Plus a powerful rearguard of the quarters behind the house – secondary expensive housing and historic streets where merchants were built and settled.

There are new expensive houses on other neighboring banks, on the same Sofiyskaya embankment. But one of them was designed a long time ago, commissioned and significantly different in size – 245 lots. Another is still under construction and also more than Bogenhouse in terms of the number of properties – 3 times.

The coast is an allegory of our own and others, happy and unhappy. You can find yourself on different banks, be thrown ashore and land on the shore. For one, this place is the result of a forced choice. For the other, it is the result of a free choice. And in the case of Bogenhouse, also pleasant and sensible.


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