Apartment projects in Moscow with the preferential taxation


Complexes in which the rate for owners comparable to the taxes on housing

The Moscow government a little over a month ago – March 6 – took the decision to expand the list of apartment complexes with the preferential taxation. The registry included eight buildings. The owners will get the benefit of the property tax discount to the amount of the tax. The amount of the benefit is calculated using a special formula. The rate for owners becomes roughly comparable to the taxes on housing.

One of the projects added to this list, was IFC’s “EYE” (pictured above and below). It is the second object of the Capital Group in the business center “Moscow city”, put into operation in 2016. It is worth noting that preferential taxation is applicable only to one of the two skyscrapers that make up this complex. This 85-storey tower nearly 600 apartments. In another 45-storey building are offices. Tower United a 6-storey stylobate “Crystal”, which houses the public spaces and infrastructure.

In addition, large-scale complex included in the list and four more chamber project. One of them is Noble Row (see photo). A club house with an unusual for Moscow real estate – townhouses – built in 2016, the company APD. The building can accommodate a total of six families, is located in one of the most expensive locations on the Golden mile. Feature of the project is the repair of “turnkey”, which includes not only furniture and equipment, paintings, kitchenware and even linens. In 2017 the complex, the two bought a townhouse, paying them a total of 2.4 billion rubles (data of Kalinka Group).

Another club house is located next to Noble Row, on Prechistenskaya embankment. This “Maple Dom” (pictured below), who built the company “donstroy” in 2015. The complex consists of two building: 4-storey and 5-storey. In the first are flat, so the list includes the second, designed for 21 apartment. The other two club houses not built in CAO: this is “Mosfilmovskaya, 38A” in Ramenki district in the West of Moscow and Sky Parks in Losinoostrovskaya district on the North-East.

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The exemption on the estate tax applies to owners of apartments in a small five star design hotel “the Standard” (see photo below). It is built on Strastnoy Boulevard, 2 and has 105 rooms. Two more complex, in contrast, are not in the center of Moscow. This business centre “LOTOS”, and multifunctional project “Horizon”. Both are located in the district zyuzino, South-West, the first is about Nakhimovsky prospect, the second – Balaklavsky Avenue.

Along with these eight buildings total number of listed buildings reached sixteen. Amendments to the Moscow law on tax on property imposed for the benefit of the owners of the apartments, shopping and office facilities, adopted 26 October 2016. At the same time have endorsed the registry houses subject to preferential taxation. Originally the list included seven buildings, including three of the “Moscow-city”.

One of them – “capital City” (pictured above), the first complex Capital Group in the center, commissioned in 2009. This project includes two towers. Apartments, unlike “the Eye” are both high-rises: how the 73-story “Moscow” and the 62-story “Saint-Petersburg”. The skyscrapers also United by stylobate. The other two of the complex “Moscow-city” Imperia Tower “Federation Tower”. First, inclusive 60-storey skyscraper, was commissioned in 2011. Apartments are only a few of the upper floors, and the main part is allocated for offices and a hotel. As for “the Federation Tower”, which includes a tower “the West” and “East”, then it started to build the company Mirax Group Sergei Polonsky. “The West” ended in 2009, and “the East” – only in the end of last year. It was completed by CJSC “Federation Tower”, a member of the AEON Corporation Roman Trotsenko.

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The fourth set is not in “Moscow-city” and on the New Arbat, but no less ambitious. We are talking about “Stars of the Arbat” (pictured above). “Baltic construction company” built 13-storey building in 2014. In one part of the hotel is under the management of Marriott and infrastructure facilities and the other with 151 apartments. Their owners can use a service from a Marriott, and the entire infrastructure, including even the center for restorative medicine and balneology.

The first list included only one club house – “4-th Krutitsky lane, 14” of only 18 apartments. The building was built in 2006 near the Krutitskaja promenade, in the Tagansky district. Also included are two buildings outside the DISTRICT: business center “A-48” and IFC’s “First business house”. They are in altufyevskoe area and Marino, in the North-East and South-East of Moscow. Then in 2017 in the list of objects with a favourable tax regime has added another chamber project – “Karetny Plaza” (pictured above). It is built around Tsvetnoy Boulevard in 2012 and there are only 26 apartments.

It is worth noting that the list includes buildings that are non-residential premises owned by natural persons. There are a number of conditions: the area of these spaces shall be not over 300 square meters, the cadastral value of not less than 100 thousand rubles per square meter. Under these requirements fit quite a lot of the Metropolitan centres, so that in the future the list will continue to expand and more and more owners will be able to pay the same taxes as homeowners.


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