Question: How “smart home” saves electricity


Abroad the main argument for the installation of “smart home” — a solid savings of resources (energy, water consumption at the scale house). And now, when our market many foreign companies, their product they advertise as accustomed. Despite the fact that in the Russian reality, so significant savings would not. Let’s count!

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What you can save in the house
Imagine the average house of about 150 sq. m. it has two floors, living room and utility room (garage, pantry, Laundry room, etc.), there is a small rear yard and garden. Heating is electric, so there are pumps in the cold season is pumped through pipes hot water heated by the boiler.


Position all electrical engineering systems in the house in descending order of intensity.

  • Electric heating.
  • Air conditioning.
  • Lighting.
  • Ventilation.
  • Electric / heat.
  • Now let’s understand how to use “smart house” you can save in each system.


    Electric heating is the most power hungry item of expenditure in the absence of gas. It is important to understand that even with the “smart house” repeatedly to reduce the cost of electrical heating is not possible, but to do something is still possible.

    Step 1. To put radiant floors heated by an electric boiler (still under repair). Thus it is possible to obtain a comfortable temperature in the house, clean and cool air at head level. Cable warm floors too, but unlike water, the surface they warm up very slowly. And there is a possibility of burning out within the floor.

    The savings: up to 30% — due to the fact that the ventilation is not “leaked” from the ceiling of the heated air, the heat is mainly at the level of the feet.


    Step 2. Set weather-compensated control of the boiler and control panel to fine-tune the work — days of the week and hours of the day. For example, from Monday to Friday 9.00 to 17.00 house operates in a power saving mode, and in standard.

    The savings: up to 20% by saving electricity when you are not home.

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    Air conditioning — also consumes a lot of power. The problem here is that most homeowners set the temperature manually, without hesitation, exactly how much electricity in this mode is spent. Well, let’s 16°C — seems to be cool and okay. Meanwhile, the difference between 16°C and 18°C for you could be substantial. But at 16°C the system will work much harder and consume substantially more electricity.

    “Smart house” will not allow you to put the value lower than this is possible within a given consumption of electricity. But if you turn on the air conditioning in the winter, when working battery, the system or turn it off myself or align the values of both devices so that you feel comfortable, and energy was not spent in vain.

    By the way: the same way you can optimize the performance of a “warm floor”, associating its intensity with the power electric batteries.


    Lighting. The easiest and most obvious way to control the motion sensors. No man in the room — no light. The data about the presence of the person in the room can be removed from different sensors: not only movement, but also crossing the threshold, and sensors, to measure the noise level in the room.

    And the function “all gone” will automatically shut off all the lights, when the owners leave the house. All, no more worries about burning the light and turned on the iron.


    Another way of saving dimming that is smooth on / off the light. With dimmers it is possible to make night, for example, when you move around your home, light bulbs illuminated only by 15-20% of their capacity. You can associate the intensity of the electric light and daylight: brighter than outside the window, the less light shines. Or do not turn on until the street gets dark. It is clear that the dimmers can be unscrewed manually: every time in his room. But much nicer about it does not think that “smart house” watched, when what to include and when to turn off.

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    The amount of savings: if the lights come on at 20%, this does not mean that you saved the other 80%. Part of this limited energy will go to heating of the device, there is a direct, linear no savings. The actual percentage of savings is difficult to calculate, it is quite small. A solid economy can only be achieved if you regularly forget to turn off the light.

    Photo: the automatic backlight of the steps. In idle mode, dimmed mode to highlight only the first and last step to the stairs was visible in the dark. The remaining steps start to consistently light up only when a person passes by a motion sensor

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    Ventilationaccording to building codes, should work so that every hour in the room completely changed 2-3 volume of air. Just imagine how much energy is consumed in a two story house 150-200 sq. m.

    The size of the economy: the system of “smart house” automatically reduce the volume of air at 50 or even 70%, if the house has no people. Another option: set the ventilation of the so-called recuperators — devices, pumping out heat from the extracted air and filling them with new, fresh air from outside. This will reduce the cost of heating incoming cold air in rooms up to 30%.

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    Electric pumps, which are forced to circulate through the pipes the hot water to heat the house can become a “black hole” that leaks electricity. But here you can save. First, choose the model of pump with smooth operation, more economical.

    Secondly, the right to choose the mode of operation of the device. When outside is minus 10 degrees, the pump operates in one mode minus — 30 in another, more energy-consuming. These adjustment can be changed manually or automatically — by using “smart home”.

    A third option is to reduce the intensity of operation of the pumps when the house is unoccupied, and run remotely in order to come back into heat.


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    The amount of savings: depends on many factors: pump model, the weather on the street and even care of the owners. For example, one of our clients forgot to turn off silent pump. And he drove the water all summer without stopping. The owner realized something was amiss after she saw the bills. Pump-driven “smart home”, would save a lot.

    Smart home 5smart

    The wall thermostat with a weekly schedule – 8 490 rubles.

    Photo: the wall thermostat with a weekly schedule for the remote heating control. This thermostat can be used to control boilers, warm floor, heaters, etc.

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    We leave the house: where to skimp on the plot
    First of all, the lighting of the area. “Smart lighting” the rear yard, the garden and perimeter of your plot will not spend extra money on electricity. Thanks to the motion sensors installed on the porch, the light will automatically light up if you decided to go out on the street at night. The lights on the perimeter of the site can be switched on after dark and off in time, if necessary, for illuminating the signals of the motion sensors. A lot of options, as long as the lighting modes match the rhythm of family life in the house and made life more comfortable.

    The amount of savings: depends on the size of the site, the amount of light and the lifestyle of the owners.

    When smart home will pay for itself
    Now let’s count. Install a “smart home” with all of these functions in a housing with size of 150 sq. m will manage approximately in 200 000 roubles. That is, if we are talking about professional equipment for the automation of property of the Russian production. The application of all these methods of regulating electricity consumption will help to save about 30% of the energy costs on a monthly basis.

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    UNECOM Smart home

    The indicative cost of electricity in this house is approximately 5-10 thousand rubles a month. That is, the month will save from 1500 to 3000 roubles a year from 18 to 36 thousand rubles. It turns out that the economic payback “smart home” — the question is about ten years. But these ten years will be comfortable, and this is perhaps the main motivation of the purchase of “smart home”.

    Why in Europe a “Smart home” = savings
    Because the cost of energy there is much higher than in Russia.

    Look at the table of availability of electricity in Europe. Russia occupies in the ranking of 11th place. Above our country are the most economically prosperous Western States, and below — in fact the rest of Europe.

    The cost of electricity in Europe on average 5-10 times higher than Russia. But residents of some European countries to buy more (and higher prices), others less, it all depends on their well-being, the economy and priorities in the field of energy production and consumption.

    Table here and above from the website

    This rating indicates that the Russians can afford the power consumption level of the richest European countries. And the cost of electricity Russia is one of the three countries with the cheapest energy (after Ukraine and Kazakhstan). The reason — in a geographic and infrastructure of the uniqueness of our country: the deep river and hydroelectric power, a huge power of the Soviet legacy. We have a lot of electricity, and the cost of it today, despite the growth rates, one of the lowest in the world.

    The high cost of electricity for the population of Germany — 22.5 rubles per kW/h, Denmark — 22.2 rubles per kW/h and Belgium — 21.2 rubles per kW/h Is it any wonder why Europeans put “smart house” in order to control energy consumption.

    The cost of smart homes in Europe to reach people in developed countries (France, Germany, Belgium, Scandinavia) with an income slightly above average, and they pay off there for 3-4 years thanks to the high cost of electricity. | Victor Stefan

    How to save on electricity without “smart home”
    “Smart home” in Russia is not a “magic pill” for energy saving, as we found out, but to save electricity is possible without him.

    • Replace standard light bulbs to led. Choose Chinese noname, and devices of known brands (e.g., Philips). They, in General, also made in China but will last you longer than the ring for $ 100.
    • The “greedy” energy-consuming devices (refrigerators, washing machines, pumps, air conditioners) should ideally have energy class A++.

    Daikin Europe

    • Air conditioning, washing machine, pumps preferred with inverter engine. In them the rotation of the motor drives frequency Converter-inverter. It converts AC to DC, then forms the required AC frequency. This process allows very precise adjustment of the speed of rotation of the motor and maintain the desired rpm. The lack of moving parts allows you to spend less energy for the rotation of the engine, which increases its efficiency and saves power.

    9 most frequently asked questions about air conditioners

    • Program — shift energy-intensive tasks at night to pay for electricity at the night rate (approximately 1.5 times cheaper): do the Laundry and run the dishwasher at night, then heat water in a storage container and use this heat during the day — so much more profitable.


    How do you save energy? Do you believe in the potential of smart home to conserve resources?


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