Buying an apartment in the Ostozhenka area: elite new buildings in a prestigious area of ​​Moscow – an overview from


Since the end of the 1990s, about 40 elite houses have been built on Ostozhenka, but new projects in this area can be counted on one hand

Development of Ostozhenka began in the late 90s of the last century. And in twenty years the Prozmon and Barracks area has become the first elite enclave of Moscow. In 2013, Ostozhenka entered the top 10 streets in the world with the most expensive real estate, surpassing even Fifth Avenue in New York.

During this time, about 40 luxury houses were built in the Golden Mile district. But today the construction boom has died down. There are no more free building sites. And the market for new buildings in Ostozhenka is currently represented by only a few projects (for more details, see the video below).

One of them – the Nabokov club house (pictured below) – has already been built. Today it is one of the most expensive new buildings in Moscow. Cost per sq. meters in this project on average is 1.5-2 million rubles, including finishing. The most affordable apartment with an area of ​​about 120 sq. meters costs about 200 million rubles.

Next to Nabokov, in Pozharsky Lane, another new house is being erected – an elite residential complex “Villa Grace” (pictured below). Its implementation began last year. Prices start at 1.2 million rubles per sq. meter. Completion of construction is scheduled for 2020, and by this time the cost of housing in this complex is likely to grow even more.

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The last project I would like to talk about is “Mosca’s Allegory” (pictured below). The Moscow Archcouncil approved its concept last fall, and construction of the complex began in February this year. In total, the 6-storey building will have 57 apartments ranging from 55 to 225 sq. meters.

This project is quite symbolic. Firstly, against the background of most of the club houses of the Golden Mile, it stands out for its almost complete absence of snobbery. In addition to the apartment block, it will include several buildings that will house a creative coworking space, a study center and an art gallery. And elite housing, as a rule, does not seek to be adjacent to public spaces. Secondly, this complex is being built on the very border of the Golden Mile, 100 meters from the Kropotkinskaya metro station.

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residential complexes at 43 Prechistenskaya embankment and in Soymonovsky proezd. And after their implementation, the construction sites can be counted on one hand. In addition, these will be small club houses.

It can be concluded that the final point will soon be put on the Golden Mile page. But there are new spaces, new projects, and soon we will tell you about them on the portal.


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