The design of the walls in the living room (12 photos), the interior and finishes of the walls in the living room


Living room is not only the place where you fall on the couch and turn on the TV. Here from time to time there are strangers: a neighbor, a school friend of your child, the mother, finally. They all (unconsciously) draw conclusions about you on your interior. So give them cause for reflection — make wall unusual. Here are three dozen ideas for decorating wall in living room.

Irina Krasheninnikova

Irina Krasheninnikova

1. Textile panels
Panels of fabric — warm and tactile alternative to the usual paintings and posters. The walls in the living room photo designer Irina Krasheninnikova decorated four piece of fabric Finnish brand Marimekko. At the entrance you can see the legendary floral print “Poppies” and a wide black-and-white Vatruska — both from designer Aino-Mayi Metsola.

Over the sideboard (next photo) is an image of rain on sketches by the same artist. To decorate the wall above a Desk Irina decided with the help of a panel with a graphic pattern.

A “Gulf” in the Moscow apartment

Inna Velichko

2. Vintage the Hermes Carre
In the last year we meet more and more projects where designers execute under glass Hermes scarves (four of a kind, as they are called by the manufacturer). If you collect them, the frame may be one, and exposure — replaceable. Yes and color can be choose under “interior”.

Houzz tour: “garden of Eden” for a young family

Lyudmila Crystal

3. Panels, garden and outputs, such as Windows
Often decisions of how to decorate walls in the living room dictates the overall concept of the interior. So, in a duplex apartment in the photo the designers Kristaleva Lyudmila and Oksana Panfilova task was to create the feeling of a country house. Here black-and-white murals of trees and focus with exits to the balcony: they were designed as French Windows.

Houzz tour: morning in the garden, or duplex for a large family

Design Bureau DAO decor

4. Thoughts of different depths
Three-dimensional letters and words is not only emotionally charged wall decor in the living room, but also a way to blur the boundaries of a small room, shoot down the focus of the beholder. The project in the Dolgoprudny design Bureau DAO decor an interesting mix of different techniques and materials: stencil and decorative plaster, plastic and MDF. And the inscription in the center of the HOME — and at a lamp, made to order.

Other photos of the project

Design Bureau DAO decor

Message to the world on the wall you can even leave with an unusual bookshelves — as in the example in the photo. Initially designer Anna demushkina from the office of the DAO decor offered the customer two options shelves — home and sex. The young man decided that the scale fits better with the second. This choice is dictated by the bright color of the walls and the whole style of the project.

Houzz tour: Sex, terracotta and green sofa in apartment bachelor

Ksenia Bobrikova. Xenia Design Studio

Photo: the suburban project Bobrikovo Xenia from Xenia Design Studio vivid photo panels were not only accent, but also to determine the color gamut of the future interior

5. Plaster under concrete and invisible doors
Modern living rooms are often decorated in an industrial theme. Photo — decorative wall under the concrete with a specially created effect of drips. This finish does not require additional ornaments.

One of the highlights of this Saratov project designer Andrew Maximov-spot — hidden in the concrete wall and doors leading into the nursery and bedroom. You can find them only in the humble pens.

Houzz tour: Apartment decor concrete and digital code

Design Studio Tsupikov Nikolay

6. Instead of one picture series
Today, the trend is to decorate the walls of the living room several canvases, United by a common story. This technique looks fresh and gives the plane of the volume.

The photo — finish walls in the living room granite brick. For decorating the walls of the hall chose a triptych with the Hippo from Home Сoncept. The author of the project — Nikolay Zubikov.

Houzz tour: an Interior with bright colors and “space” panel


7. The mirror behind bars
Living in the village of Trouville for a photo with the project Vladislava Grabchikov of Desatori. Here we see the mirror panels is another technique as it can be interesting to decorate the wall. Typically, these panels are used to create the impression of perspective and relieve the pressure of a blank wall. However, “naked” mirror looks boring and cold. To make it more interesting you can use a graphic grid of MDF.


Mirror panels echo the decorative partitions between the living room and dining room.

Houzz tour: a House with elements of American classics

Yuri Grishko

8. Aged mirrors
Modern mirror panel alien look in the interior with the historic style. Exit — aged mirrors. View, as issued the fireplace zone in the project of the architect Alexander Yakimov.

Wildlife photography: 101 idea for fireplace decoration


9. The paintings on the walls
A panel beside the fireplace in the Moscow project Polina Tsvetkova from the Studio Euroconcept is a real painting drawn by an artist on the wall. According to the designer, hand-painted Wallpaper is different from the special emotional charge. But in this project it is also ideologically supported the ethnic design of the walls in the living room. The author of painting — Olga Tsvetkova.

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Houzz tour: apartment in Moscow-a journey across countries and eras

Corina Balanovsky

10. Colored walls in the room
The owners of the St. Petersburg duplex apartment set designer Korina Balanovsky the task of creating a truly unusual interior, but with classical elements. Hence the two ideas of wall decoration in the living room. One decorative wall with white plaster panels with backlighting, other Wallpaper with a gold pattern on a blue background. There are also two Moroccan lamp. The degree of pathos lowers the round window-the window leading to the stairs.

Litvinov design

11. Wallpaper for fabric
Wallpaper with a distinctive textile pattern — the easiest way to visually insulate the walls of the living room. The loft in the photo under the project of Dmitry Litvinov used the cover in tartan, to “domesticate” the texture of brick and concrete.

Houzz tour: Loft “dream bachelor” in the former research Institute


12. Wallpaper-mural
The picture on the wall — it is complex and time-consuming. The effect of the murals can be obtained by using a special Wallpaper as entered in the draft Special Style at the photos. On the canvas — enhanced engraving of Gaspar van Wittel: the Italian Cathedral of Santa Maria della Salute in Venice.

Weeks living room: Fireplace and Cathedral of Venice in the same apartment

Irina Bubnova Interior Design

13. Roll color
Abstract painting — save for a decorator because on canvas art you can collect all colours of the interior or, conversely, to take colors from the picture as the basis for the selection of textiles. Such “coincidences” always seem to be very harmonious. Example — lounge on the project Irina Bubnova. The author of the paintings — Michael Novekmeny.

Project of the week: Living in an apartment on Tverskaya with a solid past

Yuri Grishko

14. Black walls and a frieze with bas-reliefs
The host of this Moscow apartment is a great lover of painting and photography. For him the decoration of the walls in the living room began with the redevelopment: to place all the paintings and photographs, required open space. Living in this project occupies half the space of the apartment. Black wall color was the best for the organization of the gallery: it unites all works of art and not distracting.

Yuri Grishko

Another interesting solution for the walls in the hall associated with friezes and decorated beams. They were decorated with plaster reliefs with the same ornament as on the racetrack, which is visible from the Windows of the apartment. The form of the reliefs ordered from specialized companies.

Guest: Apartment with black walls opposite the Racecourse

Constantine Malyuta

15. Painting without pathos
After redevelopment in the apartment of a top Manager of an international company Eugene Lavrov appeared spacious kitchen-living room. One of the walls of the noble blue-green color is decorated with a large portrait of a cat, written by Eugene. It is a Diesel, melancholic, British harlequin. In the bedroom there is another portrait of the landlord — it is a Scottish fold cat Sumka.

A 54 meters — kitchen with dark walls

The design office of Catherine Kolegova Ecole

16. Side of the blade and cantilever shelf
Traditional hanging wall makes the living room look like a Museum. Paintings can be put on the floor and lean against the wall, but it needs to be large upright picture. Smaller paintings can be put on a special console shelf behind the couch as in the photo. “Tropical garden” written with watercolors and pastel pencils. Paper stretched on stretcher, so easy watercolors more thoroughly looks into the interior. The author of the paintings and the project — Ekaterina Kolegova, design Studio Ecole.

Project of the week: Tropical living room with watercolors

SHKAF interior architects

17. Asymmetrical a-line
Beautiful design of the walls in the living room fades into the background when we are talking about long, narrow rooms. In the project Victoria Korneeva and Anna Besprozvanny from SHKAF interior architects, it was still low — only 2.2 m. to break the room’s geometry, the designers divided the space into two asymmetric unit. In the soft area of floor, ceiling and walls of the hall decorated chipboard, and the Cabinet is painted with graphite paint Little Greene.

SHKAF interior architects

On the border of zones — led light strip. Triangular TV table chosen specifically to support geometric game.

Project of the week: Asymmetrical living at the dacha outside Moscow

IZOOOM, design interior studio

18. Living wall decor in the hall
If the primary apartment for the selected ekostilya, wall decoration in the living room involves natural accents.

In the Novosibirsk project of Anna Ignatenko Studio IZOOOM feature of the interior was fitesten. According to the designer, this technique has all the perks — ranging from climate and ending with aesthetics. The plants are unpretentious, at the bottom of the structure are water tanks, automatic watering works.

Houzz tour: Apartment in Novosibirsk no TV in the living room

Workshop interiors Barbara Zelenetskii

19. Anddei for your walls: stencil and plywood
The owners of this living room is also very fond of nature. Designers Varvara zelenetskaya and Dmitry Makarov of VZstudio asked them to raise “the cherry orchard” on the wall. First, the entire surface finished with Italian decorative plaster Vetta with the effect of travertine. Then the same plaster, but without the dye, and painted the cherry blossoms using a stencil. Branches cut from plywood, painted the color of window frames.

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Living room of the week: Interior 16 sqm, turned into a cherry orchard

Architectural Bureau “Den”

20. Glass blocks
Decorative wall of glass is also functional. The project Elena Tembawai of the architectural Bureau “Den” in place of the current living room was a corridor devoid of natural light. Now the sun “finishes” all the way from office through the glass partition.

Architectural Bureau “Den”

On the photo: the decoration of the walls in the hall with glass. The view from the side of the Cabinet

Houzz tour: Apartment with glass blocks and colorful walls

S. Y. D. studio interiors

21. Transparent wall
Another variation of glass wall in the living room. It seems that there is arranged a passage to the kitchen, but it’s not. The partition is solid and does not have wings. Thus, designers Y. S. D. Interiors Studio has solved the problem of how to combine kitchen with living room, leaving them isolated. The real entrance to the kitchen is closer to the hallway.

Living weeks: Glass wall, large fireplace and orange mood

Shipkov Olga

22. Accent wall decor and niches
Painting the walls in unexpected colors — the old way of placing accents in the interior. In Kaliningrad the apartment on the photo mistress wanted to see where else the purple wall. Designer Olga Shipkov decided that from this it is possible to make the main feature of the living room. For a sense of depth along the wall lined with three niches. They were decorated with moldings of different sizes, moldings, sconces and crystal beads. Instead of paint used plaster San Marco, which shimmers with the lights on.

Shipkov Olga

23. Fireplace portal
Imitation fireplace is another popular wall decoration in the living room. Statement of admission here is highly dependent on the finishing portal. In this project inside the portal made of polyurethane, you notice the graphite mirror. Dark mirrors give more depth than usual.

Houzz tour: Apartment with purple wall in Kaliningrad

S. Y. D. studio interiors

24. Russian size
Gel fireplace in the Ryazan project S. Y. D. Studio Interiors covers the former entrance doorway. The portal was made of gypsum from the picture the hostess made somewhere on vacation. Copy much more than the original, since the interior needed a part, proportionate to the length of the wall in the hall.


25. Newspapers under the varnish
In St. Petersburg the project in the photo the base color was gray, wall decor in the living room was done in red. But it’s not just paint: three beams and the background behind the head of a deer are covered with Italian Newspapers 1985 and tinted red varnish for saunas. Deer head, by the way, made of plywood. This bold gift to customers from designer Yana Langenau.

Project of the week: Kitchen-living room in St. Petersburg

Litvinova Olga

26. Battery — fire!
Living in Khamovniki after repair received an unusual decoration. Designer Olga Litvinova made the main color accent of the old cast iron radiators. They were painted with a special paint Benjamin Moor, who is not afraid of the heat.

Houzz tour: a Geometric game design of a small apartment

S. Y. D. studio interiors

27. Rack with bright “backdrop”
Built-in shelving usually pick up the color of the walls, so as not to overload the space. Most often it is bright design. To paint a wall in the living room with the back wall in a vibrant hue. This technique gives simultaneously the color and depth. In the project photo designers S. Y. D. Studio Interiors picked up difficult the orange color combined with different accessories in the room.

Chernenko Olga / White & Black Design Studio

28. The rack in the frame
Designer Olga Chernenko from White & Black Design Studio made wall decoration ikeevskogo rack, adding a border of baguette. The carved frame gives any object the status of artwork.

Dikushin Irada

29. Themed decor
For wall in living room photo designer Irada Dikushin chose… thing (collector’s model). Airplane on the living room wall in the project supports the General atmosphere of the flight. The high-rise apartment has a panoramic view on Moscow and the capital’s sky.

Pavel Zheleznov

30. The sash as picture
Wall decor in the living room can be extremely functional. So, panels with an engraving in the photo are doors, shelves which hide the air conditioner. The authors of the project — Pavel Zheleznov and Tatiana Borisova.

Project of the week: Living in the traditions of Russian dachas

AV-Deco Interiors

Photo: the wardrobe itself can be the main decoration of the interior, as, for example, the Moscow project AV-Deco Interiors


31. How to hide the entrance
The design of the walls in the living room often imposes restrictions entrance doorway. Someone tries to move him, and someone — to hide. So, the designer Daniil Gerasimov of Studio A3 scored an opening as a classic wardrobe. At the edges it keeps the crystal and tea sets.

Project of the week: “Hugging room” 20 sqm with cypress trees and seagulls



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