A couple from the United States turned the old fish shop in a cozy summer cottage


The owners of this cottage on the island with the beautiful name Martha’s Vineyard (Martha’s Vineyard), which is located on the coast of Cape cod in Massachusetts, spent six months on his transformation. Previously, it was a fish shop, built in the mid 50-ies of the last century. Recently on the island prohibited the construction of new properties, so that the appearance of this place will remain like it is now. The decoration of the house and furniture white color dominates, but not without bright accents and interesting decor that perfectly match the mood of the summer house. As a result, owners along with the designer have managed to keep home charm of the past and the special charm of seaside cottages. Now they dream about that house always remained in the possession of their family and was hereditary. So this beautiful building can stand here forever.

Topic: house by the sea in Mallorca

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