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Five new buildings, which account for half of the purchased housing in the “elite” segment

2023 in the Moscow elite new buildings market has surpassed 2022 in demand. True, not by much: 54.5 thousand sq. m. were sold under the DDU. meters, which is 7.5% more than in 2022 (data from Metrium). At the same time, half of the sales came from just five projects. Experts from the portal will talk about the complexes for which buyers voted in rubles, and the prices in these quarters.

1. Residential complex “Badaevsky” – 7.2 thousand sq. m. meters

The leader was the Badaevsky complex, which the Capital Group company is implementing in Dorogomilovo (JSC). In 2023, 7.2 thousand square meters were sold in the project. meters, which amounted to 13.3% of sales in the segment. The quarter includes the historical buildings of the former Badaevsky brewery and two new “floating” buildings up to 18 floors high. One building will be commissioned at the end of 2025, the second at the end of 2026. In total, the buildings contain 871 apartments ranging from 46 to 1,127 sq. m. meters. There are 660 apartments for sale. Average price per sq. meter in “Badaevsky” is 1.1 million rubles.

2. Residential complex “Cherry Orchard” – 6.2 thousand sq. m. meters

Then comes the Cherry Orchard, located in Ramenki (JSC). This complex is being built by AB Development. In the quarter, 6.2 thousand sq. m. were sold. meters (market share – 11.3%). The project includes 11 buildings ranging from 8 to 14 floors in height. Five houses were completed in 2020, three a year later, and three more will be completed at the end of 2024. The complex has 440 apartments. Areas vary from 55 to 661 sq. m. meters. The developer offers apartments with pre-finishing or full finishing. 74 apartments are put up for sale at an average price of 1.2 million rubles per sq. m. meter.

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3. Residential complex “House XXII” – 6.1 thousand sq. m. meters

The third place went to “House XXII” in Khamovniki (TsAO), built by the Donstroy company. The project sold 6.1 thousand sq. m. meters of area (market share – 11.2%). The complex includes two buildings 9-12 floors high. The buildings will be completed at the end of 2026. The houses are designed for 109 apartments ranging from 53 to 422 square meters. meters. There are 24 apartments for sale. This is the most expensive complex in the ranking – a “square” here costs on average 1.8 million rubles.

4. Lucky residential complex – 5 thousand sq. m. meters

Lucky Quarter, which took fourth place with an indicator of 5 thousand sq. m. meters (market share – 9.2%), located in the Presnensky district (CAO). The complex is being implemented by Vesper. This is a project for the regeneration of a quarter of the territory of the paint and varnish plant NPF “Spektr-LK”. There are seven historical buildings and eight new buildings up to 21 floors high. All buildings are already ready, they were delivered in February and September 2023. The buildings are designed for 618 apartments with an area of ​​45-466 square meters. meters. All housing is rented out fully furnished, with ready-made kitchens and bathrooms. The interiors are designed in two versions: White and Gray. Average price per sq. meters of apartments in Lucky – 1.1 million rubles.

5. Residential complex Woods – 2, 8 thousand sq. meters

In fifth place, with a noticeable lag, is the Woods complex, located next to the Cherry Orchard. It is being built by the same developer – AB Development. The project sold 2.8 thousand square meters. meters (market share – 5.2%). Woods includes two buildings: 14- and 18-story. They will be put into operation in the second quarter of 2024. In total, the buildings have 56 apartments with a wide range of areas: from 17 to 708 sq. m. meters. The developer sells the housing without renovation and furnished on a turnkey basis. There are 38 apartments for sale. They cost an average of 1.3 million rubles per sq. m. meter.

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