The most popular elite class projects in Moscow


Wealthy buyers voted with their rubles for Lucky, Poklonnaya 9, Woods, Savvinskaya 27 and Eleven

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Against the background of the current economic and geopolitical situation, the demand for real estate has dipped. At the same time, the elite segment suffered the most. In 2022, 42.5 thousand sq. meters of housing. This is 49.3% less than in 2021. For example, in the “premium” segment, sales over the past year decreased by 20.8%, in the “business” segment – by 39%, and in the mass segment – increased by 8%. Many wealthy buyers took a break, others completely abandoned transactions, others moved their families and businesses to another country, and others moved to the secondary market, where sellers quickly got their bearings and gave noticeable discounts. The experts of the portal, based on data from the Metrium company, found out where the remaining demand is concentrated and which projects have remained successful even in such conditions. These are ready-made or almost finished complexes, which are especially in demand in times of uncertainty, as well as recently launched facilities.

Lucky residential complex – 13.3 thousand sq. m. meters

The most popular elite-class complex in Moscow in 2022 was Lucky on Presnya, which accounted for almost a third (31.3%) of all areas sold in the segment – 13.3 thousand square meters. meters. This is the largest project of the company Vesper, which specializes in club houses, and one of the largest in the elite class. Lucky includes eight new homes ranging in height from 13 to 21 stories and seven restored historic buildings. The latter will house infrastructure facilities. Construction of the new buildings began in 2018. Two buildings were handed over in February 2023, the remaining six should be completed by the end of March. The houses are designed for 619 apartments ranging from 44.6 to 458 square meters. meters. All accommodation is rented out in White or Gray style, with ready-made kitchens and bathrooms. Average price per sq. meter is 1.3 million rubles.

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Poklonnaya 9 apart-project – 5.9 thousand sq. m. meters

In second place is Poklonnaya 9 on Poklonnaya Hill. The complex bought 5.9 thousand square meters. meters of real estate, which accounted for 13.9% of the total volume in the segment. The project is being implemented by Ant Development (part of the Turkish holding Ant Yapı), for which it has become the first development facility in Russia. “Poklonnaya, 9” is a hotel and apartment complex. Like the previous project, it is almost ready. It began to be erected in 2019 and will be completed in April-June this year. The tower has 32 floors in total. The first two are reserved for infrastructure. Then comes the five-star hotel So/Moscow, managed by the international operator Accor. Above are 494 apartments with an area of ​​49-428 sq. meters. All lots are offered with modern, timeless or industrial finishes. Prices here are less than in Lucky: sq. a meter costs an average of 1.1 million rubles.

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Woods residential complex – 2.6 thousand sq. meters

The third place went to Woods in Ramenki, located near the Moscow Golf Club. This is the second project of AB Development in the area of ​​Mosfilmovskaya Street (the first one is Cherry Orchard on the territory of Mosfilm). Woods sold 2.6 thousand sq. m. meters or 6.2% of the total area sold in the elite class. The complex includes 14- and 18-storey towers. Work on the site started in 2021, the buildings will be completed in April-June 2024. The houses are planned 58 apartments ranging from 17 to 340 square meters. meters. Housing in the 14-story tower is sold without repair, and in the 18-story tower – with finishing, equipped kitchens and bathrooms. The average price of a “square” is 1.4 million rubles.

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Savvinskaya 27 apart-project – 2.4 thousand sq. m. meters

On the fourth line is the club house “Savvinskaya, 27” on the embankment of the same name in Khamovniki. The project sold 2.4 thousand square meters. meters of real estate (share in the segment – 5.7%). This is one of the first two objects of the Level Group company in the elite segment (the second is the neighboring “Savvinskaya, 17”). Previously, the developer built only comfort and business class housing. “Savvinskaya, 27” is a six-story building, it began to be built last year and will be completed at the end of 2024. The building includes 66 apartments with an area of ​​87.4-340.8 sq. meters. The complex is the most expensive of those included in the rating. Average cost per sq. meters reaches 2.1 million rubles.

Eleven LCD – 2.3k sq. meters

Closes the top five elite projects in demand Eleven, “neighbor” Lucky, from which it is separated by less than 500 meters. Eleven bought 2.3 thousand sq. m. meters, which amounted to 5.4% of the sold “elite”. The complex is being implemented by the Rosstroyinvest holding, and this is the first and so far the only project of the St. Petersburg developer in Moscow. Eleven includes a 16-story Alpha Tower and a 17-story Omega Tower with a common stylobate. The complex is already ready, it was put into operation last year. The houses have 90 apartments with an area of ​​44-280 sq. meters. Lots are handed over with finishing in two variations: lighter and more contrasting. sq. a meter costs an average of 1.3 million rubles.

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