The history of the houses in Povarskaya street tells the portal about real estate


    Tastes differ, and about the circumstances of life. However, both are useful to know about the neighbors when you decide what you want to surround yourself with

    Go Chef from New Arbat to the Garden you will be able in just 15 minutes. Surprisingly, during this time, you will see a few dozen houses with a history – a unique concentration even for Moscow.
    That means to date address on Cook? The exclusive right acquired by inheritance, it is a rare sale in the old Fund. Temporary privilege of ambassadorial families, hosted in the magnificent interiors. Investment (or more fun?) to buy apartment in the new “Theatre House”.

    For unexplained urban logic, a large part of Cooking refers to the Arbat district, and only a few houses on the even side to the Presnensky. The rest of the life of this street there is no paradox.

    Not here to sell, not sit in a street cafe, not a walk Bons vivants. And “Theatre House”, in contrast to many projects in the Moscow elite real estate development, luring buyers “infrastructure” and “services”. The income level of families living here (buying the 120 square meter apartment requires an investment of 90-100 million rubles) assumes personal assistants and exceptional habits. As we all know, to bring home anything, but to find the second house – definitely not.

    Now as they say, a house with history – the object of exclusive and historic preservation activists, and for lovers of trophy real estate

    On Cook always were people with wealth: nobility and merchants. Quarter for the new establishment represented by six buildings of the “Theatre at Home”: the three buildings of the late XIX – early XX, the last renovation, and three built from scratch. Of the 129 apartments and penthouses in sale there are only 32 lots.

    On Cook always built well-known architects: Gilardi, Klein, Kekushev. Company “gals-development” for the design and restoration of the house on the Povarskaya, invited the team of Mikhail Posokhin, to develop architectural solutions and design of art furnish – honored architect of Russia Pavel Andreev.

    New facades should not have to concede the historical purity of style. For exterior decor each of the eight buildings of the architect, inspired by the aesthetics of Alphonse Mucha, created the original drawings in the style of Russian art Nouveau. The drawings were transferred to the facade with ceramic tiles. For the realization of the project required to gather the whole gang: artists, masters of mosaic and stucco decoration. Modern is the best opportunity for the author to show his style. From Andreeva color and form vital. Perhaps, in Moscow such second resilient modernity is not found.

    The architect chosen for luxury home with artistic and expensive styles of the 20th century – art Nouveau. This new aesthetics became a connotation to the old theme Cook – duality adjacent, but not militant conceptions of world order: classicism and art Nouveau. The reason for this approach becomes clear when you know the details of the life on this street.

    Life after Empire

    Let me remind you of the ancient Greek myth about the young Paris. He had to choose the fairest of three goddesses: Aphrodite, Athena or Hera. Hero gave preference to Aphrodite, who promised him love.

    Mosaic triptych with this story was to decorate fashionable home interior No. 9, Povarskaya street. To create paintings for a two-storey mansion invited Mikhail Vrubel. “The work of thousands and a half, something related to the era of the Renaissance, and completely at my discretion…” – wrote the artist about big for him order.

    House for herself and her husband, engineer Dunker, was rebuilt Elizabeth D. Dunker, the daughter of the famous entrepreneur and collector Dmitry Botkin, niece of the FET. The appearance of her mansion from the street, the poet has described in one of the notes like this: “He is we”. By the way, the Dunker, the first after Morozov dared to order Vrubel, though rejected two panels, but took the flower shade “painting-decorating”.

    To the restructuring of old houses to taste the new owners in the 19th century were treated incomparably better, than in our time. “According to the fashion of current” dressed themselves, and also easily change the “style” for the facade and interior. Now as they say, a house with history – the object of exclusive and historic preservation activists, and for lovers of trophy real estate.

    Looking for mouldings and Windows with pediments vosstanovlennykh neoclassical facades “Theatre at Home” in Merzlyakovsky, it is difficult to imagine that inside is a modern space, but with the ceilings almost 4 meters high, like a century ago. Even harder to realize that underground three-level Parking lot, by the way, rare for this part of the centre.

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    In the 1890s, when the Chef moved the couple Dunker, the car on the streets of Moscow another has been a thrill, but single-storey wooden Empire style – is puzzling. On aristocratic Cook had sought the rich merchant family and a merchant. The Golden age of the nobility faded in the new century, but it is in a beautiful 19th century some families are fortunate enough to live on Cook long.

    Dunker enjoyed my house 18 years and sold it only in 1910. Side by side with her family of textile manufacturer Mitrofan Grachev. They owned the former estate of Prince Khovansky’s more than forty years, until the revolution. Now the interiors with rich moldings and trim, and monograms of former owner serve the well-being of the Norwegian Ambassador, who patriotically added in one of the rooms is the work of Munch and Johnson. True to the old traditions of the house are treated with respect: in the dining room – Russian icon, in the main hall – Christmas dinner and dance.

    The housing problem

    These two mansions are closest to the new “Theatre House”, on the opposite side from him. On Cook is facing many new apartments, including sections with beautiful Bay window – rare part for Moscow of the 21st century, but almost mandatory for Cooking.

    In a new home perhaps a lot of the best habits to showcase the family silver and porcelain favorite, break a winter garden on the small terrace and the spacious living areas as well as in living rooms wonderful former neighbors, to find a place for Bechstein unchanged. And similar items talking about family more than just a figure of income.

    “Before my eyes stood our blue living room, decorated with sèvres. A semi-staged piano “Bechstein” with the lid open, which was like a frozen wing of a giant bird, and the Royal mother,” recalled his life at the Chef’s Ekaterina Meshcherskaya. The Princess’s mother occupied one of the apartments of apartment houses of the Countess Miloradovich, whose coat of arms has been preserved to our days over the Central window of the mansion adjacent to the “Theatre house”.

    Modern with its fancy current form and unusual plasticity was the Manifesto of inner freedom from conventions and the protocols, from “the visitors in the tails and uniforms”

    The architectural design of the building, originally two-storeyed, ordered Roman Klein. He has successfully designed for wealthy customers a new type of property – apartment houses. Boom in their construction occurred in the years 1911-1915 in 4 years – nearly 200 buildings. Cooking is no exception. House Miloradovich with five apartment buildings form a single line in the first quarter of even-numbered.

    Apartments in the apartment houses rented by wealthy businessmen and merchants, officials and employees, professors, doctors, engineers, artists, and sometimes architects themselves, in the house on the corner of Povarskaya and Rzhevsky lane.

    The higher the class of the apartments, the harder the layout. The most expensive was a fully occupied floor, they could be preserved manor house-style enfilade without corridors. The most common offer for rent apartment house was the apartment of about 200 sqm, divided into 5-7 rooms, usually square in plan: bedroom with boudoir, but for the public visits, living room, office and dining room, located utility room for servants.

    This logic of organization of the area was followed by Nikolai Strukov, has built several apartment houses in the area, including the building of 1893, included in the modern ensemble of “Theater House”. It is worth saying that the building was considerably damaged during the Second world war, during the bombing. In this part of the complex fans of historical real estate will find even apartments with split-level floors. Between the new apartment buildings and mansions in the historical retrospective of not more than 30 years, but the difference is not the number of floors and the scale of ambition, but in the very order of life. But it changed rapidly in the 20th century. It will take another 30 years, and Cook will build a house who learns the whole of Moscow, because there will be live Vsevolod Pudovkin and Sergei Mikhalkov.

    The house as Manifesto

    Is on Cook and several special homes. This is not a personal mansions Shuvalov, Growth, Gagarin, which were built for the Surnames, reflecting the will and taste of the owners. Is and not apartment houses – lawyer Kalemeera, Earl of Hreptovich-Butenova homeowner Baskakova, which brought the owner money, but not always status.

    In the early years of the 20th century financier Yakov rekk began to implement his new business idea: to beautify the city “stylish homes that are having technical facilities of Western European structures, at the same time would not kill the national colors”. Rekk was owned by the Moscow trade and construction joint stock company, which allowed him to take risks – to build a home with interiors for sale, relying on his taste and intuition.

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    So Cook in 1904 appeared two amazing mansion in the “new style”, as it was then called art Nouveau. What a beautiful architectural Manifesto and at the same time the challenge of our time. Rekk ordered projects the lion Kekusheva. The architect was already known for its house in the “new style”, which was built here, on Cook, for merchant Zaurbekova. There on the ground floor was located the office of the owner, the third – his private chambers, and a second hall, a dining room, a small Cabinet with a marble corner fireplace. Owners of new houses Recca also steel merchants and manufacturers ponizovskogo Matthew and Ivan Mindovsky.

    Modern with its fancy current form and unusual plasticity was the Manifesto of inner freedom from conventions and the protocols, from “the visitors in suits and uniforms that are neat for all Bank holidays to be put to parchment the hand of the stately old woman,” wrote about the old nobility historian Kiesewetter. Modern shouted: the world is not static, it is changeable, and in this new world everything is possible. The grandson of a serf bought his house on the Povarskaya street.

    To raise the curtain

    It is worth saying that the idea of construction ready luxury villas for sale ten years before Recca was expressed by Savva Mamontov. It is of interest that both entrepreneurs chose the architects Kekushev it, and the fact that after more than a century of modern Cooking wins again – in art making “Theatre House” the main recognizable features of this style: decorative, pastel colors, floral motifs.

    Those who fall in the boundaries of a new neighborhood in the early 20th century return majolica, wrought iron balconies and tiles, which can be found within a 5 – minute walk kakushinkon on the facade. Interestingly, the unusual lilac color mosaic of the upper floors is the interiors have Mindovsky and Grachev.

    An example of this is filed by the developer himself at home, the company “gals-development” by ordering more panels for internal facades architect “Theatre House” Pavel Andreev

    Space “Theatre at Home” would seem very comfortable for those wealthy families who once lived on Povarskaya street. Now a third is presented in the notification area of over 180 sq. m. They planned on 3-5 bedrooms, the biggest is arranged on two levels.

    And in buildings that have been restored and built from scratch, you can choose apartments, where the guest area will be 4 or 6 Windows. It is possible to achieve a beautiful enfilade the passage. And narrower than we were used to frequent the piers between the Windows in the historic sections are beautiful personal details.

    For those who want to repeat the ambition of the owners to Recca, not necessarily to buy the floor, planning out a 12 rooms as Ponizovskogo. The focus and heart of the home, both in the past and today – the front space, those used for receiving guests. As we have seen in the case of many houses, there is a Golden rule – living room, dining room and office.

    Today it is appropriate to repeat in a new building on Cook? Of course, what will tell about the viability and broad education through the attention to detail. Do not splurge on a beautiful marble for window sills and Quezon ceilings as Mindovsky. Decorate oak library, mansion-Slosberg (now it is the family of the German Ambassador). For Windows select the hardware from patinated bronze and for doors of different artistic handle.

    Maybe someone will be lucky as spouses Dunker, to find her “Vrubel”. An example of this filed by the developer himself at home, the company “gals-development” by ordering more panels for internal facades architect “Theatre House” Pavel Andreev. He made a beautiful nod to the masters of art Nouveau – used floral motifs style ornaments are hand painted and stucco decoration. Of a wonderful era and reminiscent of the art collection for the front, gathered by the project team independently.

    Remember the myth about Paris? At Cook you will feel yourself in the place of the hero. On one side you will want to give up their “Apple” a house with five Windows in the Gothic style, on the other – perfect the manor Gilardi. But few houses on the street can take its new owners, as “Theatre House”, and promise, let’s not love like Aphrodite, but it certainly prosperous life.


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