Start of sales: 12 new buildings, which entered the Moscow market in the September-October 2018


    For the first two months of autumn open sale in an elite complex, four premium and in seven projects of the business class

    The apartment at the start of sales, usually sold cheaper. Make a deal at the initial stage of construction, the buyer saves 10-20% of the cost of housing. Besides, the choice at this point is much wider. There are also disadvantages: the housewarming will have to wait 2-3 years. But the pros outweigh. For the first 5-6 months, the developer may implement up to 50-60% on sale of lots.

    The first two months of the fall turned out to be extremely productive: developers in borders “old Moscow” brought 12 of complexes of class “business” (7 projects), premium (4 projects) and “de Luxe” (1 project).

    Vesper was brought to Russia’s Fairmont

    Vesper brought to the capital market the first project under the brand of international hotel chain Fairmont. The company will build on the 1st Tverskaya-Yamskaya street five-star hotel (pictured below) has 147 rooms, but the project provides and the location of the 37 apartments, which will also be managed by this operator. Prices of the apartments start from 720 000 rubles per square meter.

    GK “the Basis” will debut in the premium class

    One recent and major event of October was the entrance of the apartment complex Red7 (pictured below), which is the group “Foundation” to build on Sakharov Avenue. This is the debut of the company in the segment of expensive housing in Moscow. The architecture of the complex was engaged in the Bureau MVRDV from the Netherlands. The project is made in unusual for the capital style of neo-constructivism, forming a single ensemble with the neighbouring work of architect Shchusev – the house of the people’s Commissariat. The most affordable apartment with designer finishes in the complex Red7 will be at the start of sales of 10.86 million.

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    Projects at Tishinka

    Two premium projects will appear on Tishinka. The first implements the “donstroy”. Respecting its own tradition, the company has linked the name of the project to its location. “The house on Tishinka” (pictured below) consists of two buildings with 18 floors. In total, the complex is 143 apartments.

    In the neighborhood, just 500 metres from the property, the developer Glincom started construction of apartment complex Sinatra. The building will house 70 apartments ranging 35-80 square metres and 12 penthouses with the area of 88-180 “squares”. Price of a square meter of apartments starts from $ 290 thousand.

    Magnum as a continuation of the “Garden quarters”

    A fourth bonus project – another debut. Company Magnum Development in early September announced the construction of the club house Magnum (pictured below) for 40 apartments and 4 penthouses. Earlier, the Builder specialized in the construction of business centers and housing in the more affordable segments. The club house is located next to a residential complex “Garden quarters”, one of the largest and most popular projects among Metropolitan buyers in the premium segment.

    Bringing a new project company Magnum Development clearly relied on the popularity of well-known neighbor, and positioned the project as a continuation of the “Garden quarters”. The prices at Magnum are significantly lower than in the “Garden quarters” which builds the company “Inteko”. If in the club house Magnum price of a square meter starts from 318 000, then the neighbor prices start from 400 000 rubles for a “square”.

    “Richard” Sorge

    On the market of new buildings business class of the capital over the last two months 7 the Prime Minister. The most interesting of them announced the group FGC “Leader”. The company will construct in the street Zorge (khoroshevskiy district) complex “Richard” (pictured below). The house is planned two buildings with a total of 802 apartments. Price for the lot starts at 4.9 million rubles.

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    In the neighbouring district Khoroshevo-Mnevniki Tekta group started pre-sales in a residential complex Big Time. The project, consisting of three buildings with a height of 21 floors, under construction at the address: Mnevniki street, 5. In total, the complex will have 670 apartments, a square meter of housing in this project will cost 182 000.

    Business class on Leningradke

    The developer Wainbridge brought to the primary market of the capital of the two projects, Aquatoria and SoHo + NoHo (both pictured below). Both belong to the segment of “business”. First – Aquatoria – built on the banks of the Khimki reservoir. It will be a multifunctional complex that includes six buildings: two office and four residential. The second project SoHo+NoHo built in Paper passage, in the vicinity of Leningradsky prospect. Here the developer will build two towers for 338 apartments.

    Comprehensive development in the South-East

    “Glavstroy” in early October, announced the start of sales in the project business class Balance. The residential complex will be built on the South-East of the capital, at the following address: Ryazansky Prospekt, 26. Balance will be one of the largest projects of integrated development of territories in Moscow. The first phase of construction includes the construction of three buildings in 1872 the apartment.

    Another major project in the South-East of the capital erected by the MR Group. The new complex of the company “the Metropolis” (pictured above) – includes seven 30-storey high-rises in the area Printmakers. In total, the new building will be about 2,000 units.

    New project Capital Group at University

    In Basmanny district of the capital company Capital Group began construction of the complex, Bauman House (pictured below). The project is located on New road, between metro stations Elektrozavodskaya and Baumanskaya. The house will 342 apartments ranging 23-119 square meters. Prices at the Bauman House start from 5.4 million rubles.


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