New buildings that can go down in the architectural history of Moscow


The scale of the importance of material values ​​among Muscovites is changing. Instead of cars, housing becomes the main criterion of social status

In the 90s of the last century, many people appeared who drove good expensive cars, but lived in modest apartments located in faceless houses on the outskirts of Moscow. The main indicator of coolness and wealth at that time was the car. In Europe, it was the opposite. A business owner or a top manager of a large company could move in a modest small car, for example, a Volkswagen Golf or Renault Clio. But the European's housing was the most comfortable, high-quality and expensive.

Gradually, the scale of the importance of material values ​​among Muscovites is changing. There are fewer and fewer jeeps and executive-class sedans, and their places are taken by small cars and even “Smart” cars. Many people have completely abandoned the car, changing to a taxi, car sharing and public transport. Housing is gradually becoming the main criterion of social status.

At the same time, the large area of ​​the apartment is not the main condition. Today, criteria such as location, quality engineering and comfortable layouts are at the forefront. It is equally important that the residential complex stands out from the city-wide array … Iconic buildings of the capital, such as Stalin's skyscrapers, the Moscow City towers, the Triumph Palace residential complex or the House-Labyrinth in Chertanovo are known not only to Muscovites, but also to the residents of Russia. Apartments in such houses do not fall in price, and the phrase “I live on Barrikadnaya” today sounds much more weighty than “I drive a Mercedes GLB”.

Of course, houses with history, as a rule, have status. But promising projects are also appearing among new buildings. In 2021, according to the Kalinka Group, more than two dozen residential and apartment complexes will enter the expensive real estate market in Moscow. Among them there are interesting, memorable complexes that have every chance of becoming a part of the architectural history of the capital. It is worth drawing your attention to three of them. The features of each of these projects are completely different: the first stands out for its vivid and memorable architecture, the second for an unusual technological concept, and the third complex has every chance of becoming a standard for family living.

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A house on legs instead of a brewery

The main premiere of 2021 is the Badaevsky complex. The development company Capital Group presented the concept for the development of the Badayevsky brewery back in 2018, but the start of the project was postponed for two years. As conceived by the architects of the Badaevsky residential complex – the Swiss bureau Herzog and de Meuron, the bulk of residential buildings will be raised above the ground on “legs” – columns to a height of 35 meters. The authors of the project assure that the five-storey buildings will “float” above the ground. In any case, Badaevsky looks futuristic, expensive and, apparently, will become a new attraction in Moscow.

Green “Island” in the middle of Moscow “And” Heart of the Capital “. In February 2021, the developer launched the Ostrov megaproject with an area of ​​1.4 million square meters on the Moscow real estate market. meters, of which half will be for housing. For comparison, the total area of ​​the residential complex “Heart of the Capital” is only 635,000 square meters. meters.

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There will be only 12,000 apartments on the “Island”. In addition to residential buildings, the project will build schools, kindergartens, medical centers, coworking spaces, many sports facilities and other infrastructure. Simply put, everything you need will be there. And in the center of this complex even “their own” metro will be built. The Moscow authorities promise to open the Terekhovo station at the end of this year, much earlier than the construction of the Ostrov is completed. And if usually residents of new buildings have been waiting for the opening of a metro station for years, then this time everything will turn out to be the other way around: the metro will wait for new settlers.

The scale of Ostrov is already building this residential complex into a number of extraordinary projects in Moscow. However, its main “trick” is the location: the “Island” will be built in the center of the largest natural park of the capital “Moskvoretsky”, the total area of ​​which is 3660 hectares. This recreational area stretches from the Stroginskaya floodplain to the Fili forest park. A unique place that has no analogues in the city anymore.

Many new residential complexes are being built along the perimeter of the Moskvoretsky Park. Within its limits there are only two: the low-rise “Fantasy Island”, built in 2002, and last year in Serebryany Bor appeared a quarter of elite residences River Residences. Both complexes are very expensive. Today it is possible to buy housing in the “Fantasy Island” at a price of 30 million rubles, and in River Residences prices start at about 50 million rubles. Against the background of its neighbors, the Donstroy project looks quite democratic. Prices in it start at 13.4 million rubles. However, we should expect that by the end of construction they will most likely grow by at least 30-40%.


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