New buildings in 2021: choosing a residential complex in Moscow for a family with children


20 projects will enter the expensive housing market. But quality, family-friendly, you can count on the fingers of one hand

It is profitable to buy apartments in new buildings at the initial stage of construction or, as they say, “at the stage of the foundation pit”: both prices “at the start” are cheaper, and the choice of apartments is much greater. In 2021, about 20 new projects may enter the Moscow expensive housing market. There seems to be plenty to choose from: the long-awaited Badaevsky project, Betskoy service apartments and the One Tower in Moscow City. However, if you are looking for housing for your own residence, and not for investment, then the choice will be quite modest. Even more difficult for families with children: quality projects that are suitable for family living can be counted on the fingers of one hand.

Apartments: silence is illegal

We immediately exclude the apartments. Living there with children will be uncomfortable. There are several reasons. For example, the law on silence does not apply in apartment complexes, therefore, your neighbors will be able to hold noisy parties around the clock on completely legal grounds. Calling the police is useless.

Or a notary's office or, worse, a furniture restoration workshop may be located next to your “apartment”. We'll have to cross out half of the list of new buildings in 2021, including the landmark projects for Moscow One Tower, Betskoy. These are very interesting objects, but they are clearly not suitable for family life.

Large or small

Now about the size of the complex. Separately built houses, all other things being equal in terms of quality of life, always lose out to large projects of quarter development. In the latter case, the developer gets the opportunity to plan the placement of the necessary infrastructure at the design stage. We are talking about both the road network, playgrounds and sports grounds, as well as schools, clinics, shops, fitness clubs, etc. And when the school is 150 meters away, the nearest store is 50 meters away, and the fitness club is located in the neighboring yard. – it is very convenient.

In addition, residents of large complexes can afford high-quality security throughout the quarter, and not just a grandmother-watchman at the entrance. And for families with children, all these moments are extremely important: you can let your child go out into the street without being on duty at the window all this time.

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We are not going to list now all the advantages of quarter development over point development. A lot of them. But new complexes suitable for family living, if you exclude small projects, can already be counted on the fingers of one hand.

Housing on the site of the Badaevsky brewery

One of the most anticipated projects of the current year is the reconstruction of the Badaevsky brewery on Kutuzovsky Prospekt. The building area will be more than 6 hectares. Capital Group will build over 155,000 sq. meters of real estate, of which 90,000 will be housing. This is a large-scale and interesting project, which will be built just 2 km from the Garden Ring.

However, the location is both a plus and a minus of this complex. Still, the ecological situation in the central part of Moscow is far from being the most favorable. In the area of ​​the former brewery there are several industrial enterprises and major highways. Therefore, the project is suitable for people for whom the energy of the center of Moscow is more important than the ecology of the place. And preferably without small children. But for high school students and students, the residential complex is ideal. True, the prices in the Badaevsky residential complex are far from the most humane: from 35-36 million rubles per lot.

Health and wellness complex

An interesting project will be built by the group FGC in the Khoroshevo-Mnevniki area. The total area of ​​the Sydney City complex will be 813,380 sq. meters, half of which (406,700 sq. meters) will be for housing. The project includes the construction of 33 residential buildings with a height of 8 to 44 floors. The complex will be built in 8 phases.

Sydney City is the first residential area in Moscow to be created according to the Well-being concept. This concept has been a quality standard in the service sector for several years and is assessed according to criteria such as peace of mind, physical health, comfortable environment, well-being and others.

Well-being in real estate, according to the FGC development group, includes water filtration to the drinking level, air purification according to 7 indicators and a number of other options that should affect the health of future residents, as well as, possibly, well-being and peace of mind … As a result.

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The complex has its own exit to the Moskva River. There are several parks and conservation areas in the vicinity of Sydney City, but they are all 1-3 km away. You cannot go outside the gate of the residential complex and immediately get into the forest. However, the prices in this project are very reasonable for its level. For example, “odnushka” with an area of ​​31.6 square meters. meters is sold for 12.1 million rubles, and a three-room apartment (66.5 sq. meters) – for 20.3 million.


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