How to reduce the cost of food: 7 ways


    How to reduce the cost of food: 7 ways.
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    The acquisition of the kitchen is substantial and weighty in the material terms of sale. Many whose opportunities are limited, immediately decide that their best option would be buying IKEA kitchen, Recalling that a couple of years, earn and buy new, better and more durable. However, it is straightforward to consider all the subtleties and nuances in the furnishings of the kitchen, and the price is significantly reduced from the original amount, even when purchasing a high-quality model is known to the manufacturer. And in this article we would like to share with You seven ways to save on kitchen without losing quality and visual beauty.

    The model Adria from kitchen Factory ZETTA

    Modern kitchen manufacturers offer a huge number of materials of the facade, namely an array, enamel, ekoshpon, MDF, chipboard and, accordingly, the price they are significantly different from one another.

    An array is one of the most expensive types of facade in the Classical style kitchen. An array is natural wood, which, thanks to modern technology of painting is more functional and durable compared to other materials. It’s always the same beauty, style, individuality and sophistication. However, those who want to save the array as a material for the facade of the kitchen, of course, will not work. However, there are great options other materials that can be used to replace this type of facade, not giving him the beauty, practicality and durability.



    The first option is to reduce the cost of the food that we offer is a choice of not expensive, but the quality of the material of the facade. Ekoshpon is the facade of MDF 22 mm thick, covered with a decorative high-tech 2D foil Alkorcell. It imitates the wood structure, is environmentally friendly in its composition and is much cheaper than a similar facade pattern. That is, You can save considerably simply by choosing ekoshpon or MDF as the material for the façade of Your kitchen.

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    Model Maria Bella from the kitchen Factory ZETTA

    If you are considering cooking with enamel coating, then a good alternative will be the front of the PVC film. This is an interesting material, which has high gloss, strong enough, has a high resistance to abrasion and a local change of color from food, especially if it is produced in the mode of mass production, which always increases the quality of the material and ensures its performance properties. If You do not have enough funds to buy a headset with an enamel covering, a facade made of PVC film cheaper by 30-40%. An important factor in this choice of material is the fact that from a decorative point of view of PVC film are available in a wide color and texture range.

    Model Santina from kitchen Factory ZETTA


    The second way to reduce costs is the most cost-effective material for making countertops. Manufacturers today offer artificial stone, natural quartz, and countertops made of particleboard covered with plastic. In this case, the countertop, covered with plastic, this is the budget option. However, if it is cheap it does not mean that it is less quality. Our company provides 12 years guarantee on the worktops made of chipboard. Also, DSP can simulate any materials and textures, such as faux stone, wood, natural stone is not only visually, but also tactilely. We advise You when choosing a countertop to draw attention to the fact, what is it made of and what guarantee period gives the manufacturer for this countertop.



    The third way is not to use kitchen radial elements. All those facades, which are made with rounded automatically increase the cost of food by an average of 50%. If you wish to cut costs without losing the functional properties of the kitchen, we suggest You to prefer straight facades, without the use of curved elements. Design of rectangular kitchens when it doesn’t look poor, because these design options are called “classics”.

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    The model of the Jell from kitchen Factory ZETTA


    The fourth way is to abandon the use of stained glass in favor of blind facades. In this case, any stained glass can raise the cost of food by 35-40%. The lack of stained glass in the doors of shelves and tables in the kitchen can be a design element of the design plan You select kitchen models.

    Model Gretta from kitchen Factory ZETTA


    The fifth method is to use a smaller number of fractional elements of the facades. That is, for example, the preference of 4 little drawers in the kitchen table, and two wide pull-out.



    The sixth way to reduce the cost of model — to acquire integrated drawer e.g. for Cutlery, which is embedded in planned module kitchen. Thus, You reduce their spending on production and installation of a separate facade for the drawer containing the Cutlery.



    And finally, our final, seventh way to make the kitchen a high-quality and budget simultaneously is to use a cheaper accessory the kitchen. Company ZETTA offers two types of bundling: “silver” and “gold”. The package “gold” includes plastic tray under the sink, protivopennaya corners to facilitate the cleaning process of Your body the kitchen, and hinges that have an integrated door closer system is fully open and amortisation closing drawers Your model. The package “silver” includes loop without closers and metaboxes, which are not inferior in quality to smartboxes, but will significantly reduce the cost of the headset.

    Guided by our proposed options for reducing costs when choosing kitchen furniture, You will be able to equip your kitchen beautiful and quality furniture, modern design and long service life.

    And most importantly! You will be able to finally say out loud: — “farewell, “IKEA”, Hello real quality of life that I am worthy.”


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