Garage doors ALUTECH — warm the solution for the Russian winter


    Winter is just around the corner and that means that drivers will face new challenges. These include slippery snow covered roads, ice on the wipers and, of course, problems with the engine need to warm up the car with its ice seats and steering wheel. All this daily morning spoil the mood of thousands of car owners. A great way to experience the “ice age” offers a Group of companies “ALUTECH” —set in the warm garage sectional doors.

    The first problem, which is solved by the installation of these structures is the need to clear additional territory in front of the garage from the snow. Connected by loops of gate sections move on rails fixed along the edges of the opening and wound up under the ceiling of the room. Thus, all space in front of the storage car remains free. To fear that the traction cables, which raise the canvas will not stand, and the whole impressive structure will collapse on the car, not worth it. ALUTECH gates uses in his cables that can withstand loads in excess of 6 a lot of fabric.

    Thick and durable sandwich panel

    One of the main advantages of ALUTECH gates — energy efficiency, which is achieved primarily due to the increased thickness of sandwich panels (45 mm). The thermal conductivity of these gate panels are comparable to a brick wall at 60 cm. moreover, they are windproof. Laboratory testing has shown that gates can withstand wind speeds up to 120 km/h.

    Frost-proof EPDM gasket

    An important role in maintaining the garage temperature comfortable playing how sealed gates installed. The problem is blowing in sectional constructions “ALUTECH” is solved through the use of along the sides and at the top of the leaf-lobe gasket with EPDM material resistant to direct exposure to sunlight and to low temperatures.

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    In addition, the bottom panel is provided with a sealing panel attached to the surface of the garage floor and covering the opening from drafts and rain.
    And due to the possibility of adjusting the position of the canvas is achieved by its close contiguity to the gap. Thus, even if the outside temperature drops to the critical value, the tightness of the gate is preserved.

    Can the real comfort without aesthetics? Of course, no! Protect sectional doors from unsightly traces of rust and minor scratches is achieved through the application of a zinc layer, a layer of polyurethane primer and polyurethane decorative coating with polyamide particles (PUR-PA) on the surface of the panels.

    Hidden mounting rails.

    In providing a comfortable atmosphere cannot be minor details. So, guide gates “ALUTECH” (batten and corner posts) are mounted for opening the gate indoors and not in contact with the cold outdoor air. This minimizes the heat transfer between the garage and the street, increasing the insulating properties of structures and energy efficiency of the premises.

    Thus, the installation in the garage of sectional doors “ALUTECH” is able to make even the most cold and snowy winter, warm and comfortable. Leave the cold behind the walls of your garage!

    To get more information on sectional doors “ALUTECH”, contact the nearest representative of the Group of companies in the region.


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