Five business class “chips” that will make the new building popular with buyers


After evaluating capital projects according to these five criteria, you can pick up very good options for yourself or earn money on resale and renting

Preferential mortgages, economic turbulence and the pandemic have led to an increase in demand for new buildings. In the past year and a half, almost everyone who previously kept them not only in bank accounts or under their pillow has been investing in square meters. Today, investing in a high-quality new building at its start, you can earn up to 50-60%. Just how to find a project that will grow in price? After all, investing in real estate can only bring a headache.

Consider the Paveletskaya City business class complex, which is being built in the Danilovsky district by two well-known developers: MR Group and Level Group. Many experts predicted success for this project even before the start of sales and were right. In less than a year and a half, the residential complex has reached almost all top ratings. But first things first. RC “Paveletskaya City” was brought to the market last spring, during a pandemic. Then many developers froze, slowed down with the announcements of their premieres, and … miscalculated, because at that very moment the demand sharply intensified.

According to the results of the” self-isolating “April 2020, the Paveletskaya City residential complex topped the TOP-5 of the most popular business class new buildings among buyers, according to the company Best-Novostroy. In just six months, prices there rose by a third. Now the price varies from 344 thousand to 557 thousand, depending on the queue and individual characteristics of the lot.

In simple terms, if last April the cost of the cheapest lot started at 7.5 million rubles for a studio of 22 “squares”, then in June of this year the minimum price from the developer was already 12.9 million. True, for this money it was possible purchase a lot with an area of ​​26 sq. meters, but it's clearly not about the area.

Today, CIAN offers studios in the Paveletskaya City residential complex in 22 “squares”: investors who invested at the start are ready to sell them for no less than 12.5 million rubles, that is, 5 million more than at the start. And since there are two more years before the commissioning of the complex of the state commission (it is scheduled for the end of 2022), this is not the limit!

Now, of course, the reader has the question of how to determine in advance a project that will use such popularity? Using the example of Paveletskaya City, we will tell you what makes sense to pay attention to when choosing a new building.

Hint number 1. Prospective location

RC “Paveletskaya City” is being built in Danilovsky district, on Dubininskaya street, possession 59-69. From here, in just 15 minutes on foot, you can reach the Paveletskaya and Tulskaya metro stations, near which the Danilovsky market, which has been fashionable in recent years, is located. To Paveletskaya embankment – 5 minutes; to Gorky Park – half an hour.

< p>It should be recalled that 10-15 years ago this location was far from the most attractive place: there are many old industrial buildings, little infrastructure and greenery. But the proximity to the city center and the Moskva River, as well as the intensive development of the Paveletsky business cluster, which includes this part of the Danilovsky district, attracted first commercial and then residential real estate developers here. And in recent years, six serious developers have announced the start of their projects in this area.

You can be sure that in the coming years the area will be transformed beyond recognition. It will not only actively change its architectural and infrastructural appearance, but will also attract a completely different audience, top managers, businessmen, successful creative people will start buying apartments and apartments, which will completely change the social status of this part of Moscow and will undoubtedly affect the value of real estate. : it will rise in price. What we already see on the example of the Paveletskaya City residential complex.

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Tip # 2. Interesting architecture

For those who buy real estate at a level higher than the comfort class, it is important to realize that they will live in a beautiful and unusual house, emphasizing the status and success of the buyer himself. In this case, the partners, MR Group and Level Group, invited to their team one of the most famous architectural bureaus – SPICH, headed by Sergei Choban, whose projects are always not only elegant, but also have their own face.

Residential complex “Paveletskaya City” will clearly become both the architectural dominant of the area and its visiting card. After all, the appearance and silhouettes of the towers of the complex are recognizable. When we look at them, we recall the most significant skyscrapers in New York: for example, the Empire State Building, the Rockefeller Center or the 5th Avenue buildings. And each of the buildings is named after the iconic actors of American cinema: Frank Sinatra and Marilyn Monroe, Charlie Chaplin and Marlon Brando, Vivien Leigh and Grace Kelly.

Natural stone, clinker tiles in the decoration of facades, a lot of glass and grace – all this emphasizes the uniqueness of each tower, at the same time creating a very interesting ensemble. Bright architecture from a star is another sign of a successful project.

Tip # 3. Reliable partners

In a period of turbulence, investing in new buildings is scary, and here it is important to understand how insured your investments are. Before our very eyes, construction empires collapsed too often, which at first stood very firmly on their feet, and then left behind unfinished and defrauded equity holders. Now, of course, everything is simpler, since there are 214-FZ and escrow accounts, which protect the rights of equity holders quite well.

Nevertheless, it is important to understand how reliable the developer is. In the situation with the Paveletskaya City residential complex, there are two partners, each of which has both completed and under construction projects in its portfolio. Both MR Group and Level Group are included in the pool of backbone enterprises, and this list is compiled by the government of the Russian Federation, and it is not at all easy to get into it. To do this, the developer needs to have an ideal reputation and establish itself as a company that guarantees high quality construction.

The issue of money is also important, more precisely, the relationship between the developer and the banks, and everything is in order here too. For example, project financing for the construction of both phases of the Paveletskaya City residential complex is provided by SberCIB. Moreover, the first line is 11.5 billion rubles, and for the construction of the second stage, Sberbank provides partners with another 10.1 billion rubles. The partners will have to repay the loan by the end of 2023 and 2024, respectively.

Tip # 4. Unique infrastructure

According to the architects, recently they have been receiving more and more orders from developers for unique adjoining territories: each company wants to create such an infrastructure in its residential complex, which in itself will become a point of attraction for buyers. This request was especially aggravated with the arrival of the pandemic, when we were all too scared of the need to stay within four walls.

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And here the creative architects had the opportunity to create truly unusual, and most importantly, very convenient spaces for future residents. The concept of “city within a city” has been implemented in Moscow for a long time, in this case the name “vertical city” is more suitable for it. What was created on the territory of the Paveletskaya City residential complex by specialists from the architectural bureau ADM is beyond praise. A multi-level park with a lot of activities for residents will stretch along the buildings, there will be places for sports, and a health trail, and developmental areas for children of different ages, and cozy gazebos for easy communication.

Supermarkets, shops, lounge areas and cafeterias with summer terraces will open on the lower floors of the buildings, and services will also be located here that can satisfy any household needs of residents. The complex also has its own fitness center, bakery and even an early development center for 150 children. Naturally, the entrance to the private courtyard will only be for insiders, for this the access control system is specially equipped with biometric readers.

Tip # 5. Ergonomic space

Style, comfort and efficiency in the use of square meters are what buyers appreciate in modern housing. In order to attract your audience, it is not enough just to build a house, you need to create the right space, not only outside, but also inside. Beautiful lobbies and public spaces inside buildings, kellers for storing things, convenient parking – these are already mandatory conditions for business-class projects today.

And here it is also important whom developers invite as partners. For example, the famous architect Oleg Klodt, laureate of many awards, is engaged in the design of the entrance groups and interiors in the Paveletskaya City residential complex. He managed to continue the idea started in the architecture of buildings, creating a space that allows you to get to America in the early twentieth century and recall the classics of Hollywood. Art Deco and Constructivism or elegant luxury are always stylish, especially when a master takes over.

But all of the above will not be enough if the layouts of the apartments do not meet the requirements of the modern buyer. Nevertheless, most of the time a person spends at home, and here it is important how convenient the planning solutions are, and ergonomics are thought out. In particular, Paveletskaya City has all the necessary layouts: from cozy studios to spacious apartments suitable for families with children.

Large windows with panoramic lighting and high ceilings are also a must for quality housing. By the way, the apartments located on the high floors of the complex will offer beautiful views of the center of the capital and the Moskva River, and this is another additional bonus that emphasizes the status of the owner of such housing.

Instead of an afterword

new buildings according to these five criteria, you can pick up very good options. Moreover, both for yourself and in order to make money either on resale or on renting out real estate in the future. However, it is not a fact that after a thorough analysis, the dear reader will not stop at … the same residential complex “Paveletskaya City”. Moreover, the second phase of the project entered the market only in March of this year, and there are still very promising lots in it.


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