How to quickly and profitably sell a house outside the city


Five steps leading to the successful sale of country real estate

Interest in country real estate, which has increased noticeably since the beginning of the pandemic, has not subsided to this day. Of course, the seasonality factor is important in this segment. Demand for the purchase of houses traditionally intensifies in the spring and remains high throughout the warm season. The portal, using data from the NDV Supermarket Real Estate agency, has prepared tips for the quick and profitable sale of a fence.

Correctly composed ad

Firstly, it is necessary to compose an advertisement efficiently and competently. First, you should describe in detail the location, its distance from the city, travel time to home by car and public transport. You should also indicate the condition of the road leading to the property so that the buyer can accurately imagine the surroundings before visiting. Then infrastructure facilities are described: kindergartens and schools, shops, pick-up points, medical institutions, pharmacies. Now we can describe the cottage itself: its area, the presence of communications, the availability of the Internet, the quality of communications in the area, the material of the house, its suitability for summer holidays or permanent residence, the amount it costs to maintain it, whether the plot is level, whether the soil is fertile.

Benefits for the target audience

It is especially important to understand the target audience and indicate the benefits that are important to them. The owner should ask himself the question: “Who could be a potential buyer?” If these are summer residents, then the quality of the soil is most important to them; if someone is planning to move out of town, then the quality of communication and the availability of social and commercial infrastructure are important; if investors are choosing a house for rent, the condition of the property. Based on the characteristics of the object and the possible requests of buyers, you can add individuality to the publication, focusing on the real advantages and showing the object in the most favorable light.

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High-quality photographs by season

The advertisement must also be illustrated with high-quality photographs. It is better to attach images that correspond to the season when the sale is taking place, ideally pictures showing the cottage at different times of the year. It is recommended to take photographs in sunny weather, having first cleared the area and cleaned the house. There should be nothing superfluous in the images. Tools, lawn mowers or other equipment, excess furniture, dishes, bags, personal belongings of residents, pets, etc. should be removed.

Document preparation

It is worth preparing the documents for sale in advance, even before the advertisement is published. Approximately 60% of the owners of the “fence” have legal problems with the property. Small ones can be resolved in one or two weeks, but serious encumbrances will have to be dealt with over months and only through the courts. For example, with incorrect land surveying in the village. You need to consult with a lawyer, determine whether there are problems, if there are any, solve them in a timely manner, and then make a list of the required documents and start collecting them.

The standard list includes a contract of purchase and sale, gift or exchange, a certificate of inheritance, a resolution on the allocation of a land plot from a state authority or local government, a cadastral passport and a boundary plan. If the house was purchased during marriage, then the consent of the spouse will be required. An extract from the Unified State Register will help confirm ownership. An urban development plan for the site will be needed to identify hidden communications, calculate the area for the construction of a cottage and the construction of other objects. And in general, the GPZU allows you to determine what and how can be built on the site. Sometimes additional papers may be needed, for example, a certificate from a psychoneurological and narcological dispensary.

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According to the head of the city real estate department of NDV Supermarket Real Estate, Elena Mishchenko, a liquid property without legal problems during the busy season can be sold in three months. Therefore, it is better to start all the preparation of papers as early as possible so as not to lose potential buyers.

Showing the house

The final step before the transaction is a meeting with the buyer and showing the cottage. Before this, you need to prepare: put the territory and house in order, remove garbage and building materials, mow the grass/clear the snow. It is also better to carry out minor repairs: glue wallpaper in the rooms, paint the walls, nail the threshold, replace the lighting, etc. It doesn’t hurt to resort to design techniques: use stylish decorative items, bright colors, arrange accent items, purchase a diffuser. The more attractive the property looks, the fewer reasons for the buyer to bargain, which means the higher the final price. Minor repairs and home staging on average increase the cost of a property by 10-20%.

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