Modular hotel “Tochka on the map” in Priozersk, Russia from the bureau Rhizome


The modular hotel “Tochka on the Map” in Priozersk, Russia by Rhizome

The country hotel “Tochka on the Map” in the town of Priozersk, 120 km from St. Petersburg on the shores of Lake Ladoga, was designed by the architects of the Rhizome bureau. The hotel was built according to modular technology and is located on an area of ​​1330 square meters among pine trees and sand dunes at the mouth of the Vuoksa River. The complex consists of an extended two-storey block of 32 standard double rooms, detached suites and a reception building.

Modules with dimensions of 3.5 x 7 meters are manufactured and delivered to the site in a high degree of readiness – already with all the engineering, most of the finishing materials, and plumbing equipment. These are ready-to-live elements that you just need to connect to the networks, arrange furniture – and you can move in. The use of modular technology made it possible to minimize disturbance of nature during construction and preserve as many pine trees as possible.

Parts of the complex are located on the territory in such a way that each room has a view of the coast, and the presence of neighbors is felt as little as possible. The long block of double rooms bends and hides between the pine trees in such a way that it is impossible to see the whole of it at any point. The entire interior of the room is based on the fact that there is one main element – nature behind its panoramic window.

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In the suite, the feeling of closeness to nature is enhanced by the doubled glazing area. The suites' terraces are comparable in size to the room itself, making the use of space more complex and more flexible.

Currently, this technology is increasingly being used around the world and is used both in residential construction and in public buildings.

This project is the first and currently the only example of the application of modular technology in the implementation of a public project. buildings with an architectural dimension on the territory of Russia.

The main theme that influenced design decisions can be called context. The hotel is located at the mouth of the Vuoksa River, at the very exit to Lake Ladoga. The facilities included in the hotel complex are located between the existing pine trees. Thanks to modular technology, almost all of them have been kept intact. It is this context of the North Karelian nature that was decisive in determining the aesthetic solutions of this project.

The first relation to the context is to maximize the user's interaction with the environment. In the design solution, this resulted in the creation of panoramic glazing, on the entire wall of the room, which opens a view of Lake Ladoga to all guests.

The second is the materials used and their shades. The use of wood and dark metal in the exterior decoration allows you to shift the emphasis from architecture and make nature the main and main character in this space.

Address st. Zaozernaya, plot 12, Priozersk, Leningrad region, Russia Site

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Architect: Rhizome Site: rhiz Location: Priozersk, Russia Photographer: Dmitry Tsyrenschikov


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