What you need to know of the buyer choosing a home for permanent residence?


    In the suburbs the proportion of customers who buy a country house for permanent residence. According to some estimates, their share is approximately two-thirds of total demand. What about the pitfalls everyone should know who wants to be in nature, not only summer and weekends?

    What to check what to consider?

    When choosing a home for permanent residence, the experts suggest to carefully check the documents and if to understand all the nuances are difficult to address for consultation to experts. In addition, be sure to talk to the neighbors. These conversations will help to better understand the social environment and to gather details that can know the inhabitants of the village.

    As stressed by the managing Director of brokerage Department of “MIEL-offices of real estate” Alexander Moscato, land should ideally be located on-site with permission for individual housing construction (individual housing construction), land must be registered, and the plot delimited. If the house is in the horticultural non-commercial partnership (SNT), you need to communicate with the chief accountant and Chairman, to make sure that the seller has paid all contributions, including on the counter. The buyer also should check to see whether there is land in the expansion zone or reconstruction of roads, or in floodplains. Housing should be located at some distance from the highway, however, it is desirable that it, thus, was not too far from transport routes. Furthermore, it should be borne in mind that the settlement built in the vicinity of airports and train stations can be quite noisy. It is also worth a look, if not located near the settlement of waste disposal. “Within a radius of 5 km should not be highways, landfills, industrial enterprises and other sources of air pollution,” says the sales Director of GOOD WOOD Development Valeriy Lukinov.

    The expert also stresses the need to find and study the draft plan for the area: they specify the possible volume of new housing, business, social, cultural-household, transport, engineering construction. This will avoid the appearance of the window is a 22-storey building, which will spoil not only the appearance, but the insolation of the site and the house (about where to find the documents of territorial planning portal Cottage.ru told in the article “is it Profitable to invest in rural areas?” — editor’s note).

    Besides, Valery Lukinov advises to pay attention to the management company (MC) of the settlement and the contributions paid by the residents. There are times when in the villages the comfort class the rate is more than 15 thousand rubles.per month.

    Among other problems facing the buyer of a country house for permanent residence, commercial Director KP “Golden Pine” Anton Alimov calls are inconvenient or too long ride to work and the lack of adequate infrastructure (such as kindergartens, schools, clinics and hospitals, shops, shopping malls, entertainment centres, museums, theatres, etc.). Therefore, before purchasing we need to examine the surrounding territory.

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    This should ensure that the building is in good condition. Some things may not see at first glance is a simple the buyer, so Alexander Moscato recommends that you hire a professional or call in a friend of the Builder. The future owner must ensure that all communications systems are working properly, the pipeline is connected, the boiler works stably, and the pipes don’t freeze in the winter, electricity and wiring are OK. Also the client need to examine the quality of construction of the house — cracks in the roof and walls, not blowing in from Windows, check the condition of the stairs and the interior. While the building itself should be capital and have the insulation necessary for living.

    A portrait of the ideal home

    Perfect location for permanent living highly depends on lifestyle of its owner, his habits and work. “For example, if the person is an employee and works five days a week from nine to six, he probably would not be very comfortable to spend every day on the way to office and back too much time, — says Anton Alimov. In this case, the building should have good accessibility and be located from the ring road is not further 30 km.” As said the managing Director of “Metrium Premium” and a member of the affiliate network of CBRE Ilya Mogunov, constantly employed in the offices of the workers account for only 5-10% of buyers of country houses — they are well aware that daily costs of travel are too high.

    Often residing outside the city people conduct their business remotely, and come to Moscow only as desired or needed. “Therefore, the land must be in formed cottage village with developed infrastructure so residents can get everything needed in place,” says Alexander Moscato. A particularly important location for buyers of high-budget segment, emphasizes Ilya Mogunov. First of all, they are interested in whether there is a village supermarket, a café and restaurant, fitness club, etc. If such facilities are not provided by the project of the cottage settlement, they should be nearby. In addition, taking into account the quality level of services. The same applies to social facilities, especially schools. “Only the presence of all important for living objects, environment and prestige of the areas determine whether the selected household for permanent residence by the buyer or not. By itself, a vacation home today more or less Autonomous, if we do not take into account the extreme variations of unfinished buildings or the lack of communication on the site. Most full houses intended for permanent residence. The most critical aspects is the location and the environment”, — the expert believes.

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    The house itself should be built from quality materials that Anton Alimov divided into three main groups. It is a stone (brick, concrete), wood and so-called frame technology. For permanent residence more suitable stone materials or frame technology. The most ideal material can be called a brick: it has excellent sound and thermal insulation properties, and home sturdy and durable, is natural, and thus environmentally friendly material. However, despite the fact that the tree is often used for building houses a permanent residence, and for recreation away from the city, it is like a brick, very durable and reliable material. “There’s a reason there are wooden buildings, which have more than one hundred years”, — said the expert. The wood has good acoustic and thermal insulation. Frame same technology used in cases where it is necessary to construct a building as quickly as possible, for 3-4 months.

    It is also important to determine the area, number of storeys and the layout of the house, depending on individual preferences, family size and her future plans. According to estimates Anton Alimov, very large floors can be inconvenient or even dangerous for the elderly and young children. Usually country house — two storey, often on the second floor are the guest bedrooms and other not frequently visited room.

    Based on the statistics of GOOD WOOD Development, sales leaders in the towns of the company are of the house with all Central communications in the architectural style of the Chalet combined type, when the first floor is built of ceramic blocks, second floor — laminated. The most popular house size is in the range from 180 to 265 sq. m, plot size — 9 to 12 acres.

    According to experts, today’s buyers of objects of permanent residence can be divided into two categories. The first are people who, due to various life circumstances required an immediate move to a new home. They see only the object “turnkey”. The second group is represented by people having the opportunity to make repairs and wait for it to complete. However, they often buy land and erect a home of their own, focusing solely on your needs, finding a ready-made object that would fully fit in all respects, extreme difficult. Thus, to date, the most popular completely ready to move in houses that do not require repair and additional investments.


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