Ambleside – a new look at the comfort in the interior from Laura Ashley


    Stylish new season has started and all the famous brands already showed the world its new designer collection. In this case, Laura Ashley was no exception. The season autumn-winter 2015 fashion British brand has opened the stunning and atmospheric setting of Ambleside. The interior is filled with bright autumn shades harmoniously intersect the two main print – “cage” and floral motifs. This design style “cozy country house” and not “minimal” in the fullness of. The furniture used in the interior, made mostly of wood. Some elements of the interior will simply amaze you with its practicality and versatility. Designers Laura Ashley has achieved an organic combination of each object with each other that could not many, even the most popular brands. The interior was bright and at the same time peaceful, modern and stylish and at the same time a native speaker – you will love this interior. Put a huge “like” Laura Ashley for this fine specimen of the English style and are preparing a new related – there’s a lot more interesting!

    It all here products can be found in the official stores of the company:

    in Russia:

    in Ukraine:

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