The three most common mistakes when choosing a gate


    Installation of gates is serious business. After all, when we decide to equip their land, then expect to get a design that will be for many years to protect the house and its inhabitants from outsiders, will ensure a comfortable entry and exit from the territory and thus will be a stylish exterior.

    Mistake # 1. Incorrect assessment of the area of the site

    On the market today the most popular gates of 2 types: sliding and hinged. The choice of type depends on the size of the local area. Swing gates are installed when the free area in front of cottage is large enough. These gates consist of flaps which are fastened to the posts of a doorway with hinges. When ordering this type of security fencing, it is important to note that constructions with the opening inside the yard should not interfere with the movement of the plot, and the length of the valves, opening outwards, should not interfere with the movement of pedestrians and vehicles.

    If near the house or in the side of the road space to accommodate dimensional wing flaps missing, installed sliding doors. Opening along the fence, they save useful area of the plot and make the process of travel as convenient as possible.

    By the way, in the assortment of the Belarusian manufacturer — Group of companies “ALUTECH” is presented to the gates of both types, so that every owner can select the best option for themselves.

    Mistake # 2. Choice unreliable manufacturer

    And sliding and swinging gates in the process of operation are subjected to serious loads. First, because the folds of entry barriers, tend to have impressive weight. Secondly, working outdoors, they suffer the effects of adverse weather conditions: rain, snow, wind. Such trials can be handled only design high performance from an experienced, trusted manufacturer.

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    So, what should pay attention in the first place? If we are talking about the sliding gate, you should evaluate the quality of the manufacture of the guide bar. This detail of the design represent the main load — the weight of the frame and installed it filling. To the gate, opening and closing, moving on the right path, this element must be made of durable and high quality material. For example, high strength, rigidity and reliability of the design of the sliding gate ALUTECH is provided with a universal aluminium profile tires, combined with the profile frame. This solution allows to increase the operational life of structures up to 25 000 cycles of operation of the valves, which is comparable with 15 years of work at the rate of 4 opening and closing a day.

    But the reliability and durability of the swing gate depends on the quality of such a seemingly minor element as a loop: they provide the opening and closing of the valves. Swing gates “ALUTECH” are guaranteed to be protected from sagging and deformation through the use of three-piece hinges.

    Overall, all of the major components ALUTECH series ADS400 for both swing and sliding structures made of aluminum profile with polymer coating, which protects the canvas from rust and allows you to preserve an attractive appearance and the workability of the gate even when operating in regions with high humidity.

    ALUTECH group of companies offers a variety of options for filling of the door leaf, the most popular sandwich panels and aluminum profiles.

    • Due to the optimized thickness of the panels 45 mm is achieved by the high resistance entry of structures to wind and impact loads. The panels are polyurethane foam filler high tensile strength that ensures high durability of the blade to possible deformations. In addition, each lamella is provided with a special polymer EPDM-seal that is able to stay strong and supple even at low temperatures, so the risk of gaps between the joints of the sandwich panels is excluded.
    • Extruded profiles “ALUTECH” are made of high quality aluminum alloy that eliminates corrosion and extends the service life of the finished structures. The polymer coating, which is applied to the profile, also characterized by high resistance to moisture. It does not crack, does not fade in the sun and endures small mechanical impact.
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    Mistake # 3. Bad external design of structures

    The gate is the first thing you pay attention at, so it is important that they harmonize with the overall design of the building. If you fail to choose the appearance of the walling, the whole exterior will seem sloppy, unfinished.

    In order to emphasize the combination of walling decor of the house ALUTECH group of companies offers a choice of several drawings sendich panels: microwave, the horizontal corrugations of different sizes, panels (Fig. 1) and a wide palette of colors. Colors of panels ALUTECH are 10 standard colours, as well as variations under the tree — “dark oak”, “Golden oak”, “cherry”. In case you have opted for the option of filling the canvas aluminum profiles, please note original colors: chocolate, silver, “ruby red” or “green moss”.

    Figure 1. The images of the sandwich panels ALUTECH

    Hope studying our recommendations, you will easily find reliable, safe and stylish gate for your suburban area, while preventing offensive misses.

    To obtain further information on entry gates ALUTECH, consult your nearest representative of the Group of companies in the region.


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