The most affordable new business class buildings in Moscow


In the Uno.Golovinskiye Prudy, Stellar City and Symbol projects, the cost of apartments starts from 8 million rubles

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Prices continue to rise in the primary housing market in Moscow. It was not interrupted even by a noticeable cooling in demand in the first half of 2022, especially noticeable in the expensive segment. Even at the beginning of the year, the average price of a “square” in business-class residential complexes overcame the milestone of 400 thousand rubles. By June, it reached 429.9 thousand rubles, having risen by 9.1% over the first half of the year. The average cost of apartments increased by 7.1%, to 29.1 million rubles.

Even for the purchase of a studio, the most inexpensive form of housing, now an average of 12.9 million rubles is needed. However, there are still new business-class buildings in the capital, the “minimum salary” in which is comparable to the average cost of a studio in the mass segment – 8 million rubles. The top 3 most affordable projects included Uno. Golovinsky Ponds, Stellar City and Symbol. Portal “” decided to talk about these projects and their features. The first one has just entered the market, and it is really located near the ponds, the second, located near Skolkovo, already has ready-made houses, and the third, a large-scale and long-constructed complex in Lefortovo, has launched a new quarter. Also, “Symbol” was a leader in sales in the segment for a long time, but this year it lost its positions a little. The article uses data from Metrium.

Uno. Golovinskiye Prudy – from 7.6 million rubles

The most affordable project in the business class was “Uno. Golovinsky Ponds”, the prices of which are starting. Sales in it opened in April, and will be completed in July-September 2024. This is a building with a height of 24 to 28 floors, designed for 455 apartments ranging from 21 sq. up to 98 sq. meters. The purchase budget starts from 7.6 million rubles. This is how much a studio with a minimum area costs.

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The complex will open a kindergarten for 50 children, cafes and other infrastructure facilities on the ground floor. The underground parking provides 118 parking spaces and storage rooms. A “yard without cars” with pergolas, children's and sports grounds will appear on the territory. The roof of the 24-storey section is also allocated for public space. It will equip a cafe, places for recreation and also place a children's and sports grounds. The Osnova group of companies is implementing the complex as part of the Uno umbrella brand. As the name implies, the new building is located near the Golovinsky Ponds (SAO), about 700 meters from the Koptevo metro station.

Stellar City – from 8 million rubles

The next block is Stellar City, which began construction in 2019 and already has finished houses. The rest will be completed in 2022-2024. In total, the complex includes seven houses from 12 to 17 floors. Planned 3374 apartments ranging from 30.8 to 79.6 square meters. meters. They cost from 8 million rubles for a studio of 30.8 sq. meters.

They will also build a school for 792 places and a kindergarten for 330 places. Shops, coffee houses, pharmacies, medical and leisure centers will be open, and an underground parking for 1,844 cars will be equipped for car owners. The yard will be car-free with playgrounds, a walking area and a recreation area, sports grounds for playing football, basketball and volleyball, running and cycling paths, as well as a place for fitness. Stellar City is being built by the Tashir group of companies. The quarter is located outside the Moscow Ring Road near the Skolkovo Innovation Center (ZAO).

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“Symbol” – from 8.3 million rubles < p>It closes the top three of the most affordable business-class projects “Symbol”, which is also one of the largest and at the same time successful in the segment. The complex has been built since 2015 in quarters, two of which are already ready, the third is partially completed, and three more are under construction. And in one of them (“Independence”), sales started in May this year. The number of apartments in these quarters alone already exceeds 10,000. “Symbol” is regularly among the leaders in sales in the “business”, but this year it has lost ground a bit. In the first half of 2021, it was in first place with a demand share of 11.5%, and in the first half of this year it dropped to third place with 5.4%. Now you can buy a studio in the project for an amount of 8.3 million rubles with an area of ​​28.3 square meters. meters.

The complex is planned to have two schools for 2375 places, including the Bauman Engineering School No. 1580, which will open in 2023, eight kindergartens for 1030 places, one of which was commissioned at the beginning of 2022, two public and business centers, the House of Culture and Music , sports facilities and two clinics. The territory of each quarter is closed from transport. Green spaces occupy 40% of the entire site. The Green River Park stretches across the entire area. Its first site opened in 2019. The Symbol is being built by the Donstroy company at the site of the Hammer and Sickle plant in Lefortovo (South Eastern Administrative District), from there it is not far from the Aviamotornaya, Rimskaya and Ploshchad Ilyicha metro stations.


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