Hype vs classic. Rules of success of the residential complex “Dynasty”


    As a developer Sezar Group managed to sell 90% of the apartments in the 1st stage of the residential complex “Dynasty” for 1.5 years before completion

    In November 2016, the social networks blew up the project of the virtual LCD “stormy weather.” The site was done professionally, detailed, contained a menu typical of the site buildings. With one exception: each of the sections was only in a black parody of the advertising stereotypes of the real estate market. Developer LCD “stormy weather” are assured: “worse than we promise – will not” offer a wide choice of apartments with an area of 4 square meters, stables for 9 goals and infrastructure within walking distance: “Sberbar”, Cheboksary knitwear and receiving glass.

    However, the choice for the virtual construction of the complex was chosen very real – Khoroshevsky district. In the same location and also in November 2016, the company Sezar Group announced the imminent start of sales of the very real project of the residential complex “Dynasty”. Domain names “stormy weather” and “Dynasty” like: www.zhk-dinasty.ru and www.sz-dinasty.ru respectively. “Your house. Your family. Your story” – the motto of the Dynasty. “Your pain. Your melancholy. Your despair” – echoed the virtual complex “stormy weather.”

    In Sezar Group claim that are not related to the project “stormy weather.” On the one hand, indeed, such a creative hype at the start for the developer risky: a virtual system can influence the image of the present. On the other site of the LCD “bad weather”, according to experts of the company “Digital strategy” is made very professionally and is not less than 500 000 rubles. To monetize such a project structures that are not related to the real estate market, it is difficult. Whether the campaign planned action and can be considered a cause of the rise of the project is still an open question in discussions of marketers.

    At the start of sales in “Dynasty” were sold to 130 units per month, and for the first five months has bought 70% of the first stage

    20 Dec 2016 Sezar Group started implementation of the apartments in the “Dynasty” with the queues at the sales offices. “We’ve been announcing an advertising company, was formed on a waiting list and the first cut of high interest in the project, – says Director of sales Sezar Group Viktor Prokopenko. But we were expecting a smooth launch considering the fact that December 20, the whole country lives in the mode of the forthcoming Christmas holidays.”

    At the start of sales in “Dynasty” were sold to 130 units per month, and for the first five months has bought 70% of the first stage (of the 700 apartments were sold about 500). As a rule, according to the head of key partners Est-a-Tet Novel Rodiontsev, projects business-class 60-70% of the area sold only at the time of commissioning.

    It is worth remembering that two years ago the market was in the doldrums. At that time, as the apartments in the “Dynasty” queues, sales in other complexes were. When this realtor Agency to implement housing developer is not attracted, and prices in the project were and remain the market.

    In new Khoroshevsky district, the average cost of housing, according to the Chairman of the Board of Directors of real estate, “best new Building” Irina Dobrokhotova, is 229 000 rubles per square meter. At the start of the apartments in the “Dynasty” was sold at a price of 180 000 per square meter. Today a square meter in the 1st stage of the complex, commissioning of which the state Commission is scheduled for the end of next year, is from 250 000 to 275 000. However, about 90% of the space in this building sold. In the second stage, the construction of which will be completed in 2020, and where already implemented 60% of apartments, the estate will cost from 200 000 to 250 000 rubles per square meter.

    A popular place

    “If in two years sold out 90-95% of the lots, then it is a success”, – says Irina Dobrokhotova. The reasons for the success of “Dynasty” (pictured below) the developer sees the “intransigence” of the project. “Many buyers have been saying that for a long time looking for an apartment, – says Viktor Prokopenko – and our project all the characteristics of “passed””.

    Sezar Group – a newcomer on the market of expensive housing in the capital. To “Dynasty” the developer has built two residential complex of a class “comfort plus” in the New Moscow. The project is within the boundaries of “the old Moscow” was a planned development developer. “Many customers who visited our facilities outside the Moscow ring road, said: “it is a Pity that this project is not in the city “, ” – says Prokopenko.

    Site under construction the company acquired on the open market. Initially considered several sites: in the South, South-West and North-West of Moscow. The choice in favor of Khoroshevsky district, the speaker explains simply: “this is a perfect location. First, accessibility: near the Third ring road, convenient radial routes, metro, ICC, several parks. Secondly, the whole area around this site has already been formed: near prestigious schools, and sports infrastructure, and modern shopping centers. Thirdly, the territory of the district included in the urban project “Big city”, the “New center” – more successfully, in my opinion, captures the essence of sold here changes. It is clear that the district will be actively developed”.

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    The Northern district, which includes Khoroshevsky district, ranked second in terms of the proposal, second only to CAO

    The prospect locations are appreciated not only in the Sezar Group. Competition among developers is very high. The Northern district, which includes Khoroshevsky district, says Roman Rodiontsev, ranked second in terms of the proposal (15,5%), second only to the CAO. In the district, according to the realtor, built three high-end project, 18 residential complexes comfort class and 21 new business class.

    Versailles on Horoshevka

    To make a quality project in a competitive market, the experts were guided by the principle “everything is already invented before us, you just need to choose the best.” Design Institute development group relied on Russian and foreign experience: the Stalin skyscrapers, modern designs, house in Chicago. Thus, “Dynasty” easily combine elements characteristic of the LCD “Imperial house” at the Capital Group, and the round window LCD “Copernicus” group MIAN. “Apartments with Windows (pictured below) were sold immediately,” – says Prokopenko.

    Circuit court “Dynasty” (pictured below) the designers of the Sezar Group assembled at Versailles. “As a framework, examined the English and French’s Park system, says Viktor Prokopenko. Last allowed to saturate the yard with interactive elements to make it not only creative, but alive.” In the courtyard of the residential complex, as with Versailles, the planned Central Avenue and several minor. This will allow to separate the yard into zones of active and passive recreation. Playgrounds, sports workout equipment and an area for team games focused on one side of the Central axis, and a private area with a fountain and sun loungers. On the Central alley – the dry fountain, the gnomon, the open rotunda colonnade on the square of the amphitheatre with integrated stereo sound. “Enough to set the screen, and this summer theater. It is convenient to collect the children on holiday without having to rent a cafe,” – says the expert.

    The yard is organized in residential homes, it is not visible from the outside. To enter the territory exclusively from the lobby. “We consciously went away from the fences around, – says Viktor Prokopenko. – Fences make a discomfort and in the lives of people who live inside and those who are forced to spy, passing on the outside.”

    The truth is in the details

    To detail in the Sezar Group special treatment. The company believes that the popularity of “Dynasty” is directly related to their careful work. “A distinctive feature of our target audience – perfectionism, – continues Viktor Prokopenko, telling the story of one of the transactions. – Is a classic presentation of the project to the guests. Told about the project, landscaping. The customer was particularly interested in velosklad (pictured below) on the roof of the escape routes from the car Park. Turns out the client is a keen runner, and have in the courtyard of the vertical track for training she was very helpful. But it is important that the tilt angle was normal… Specified in the design Institute – the tilt angle is approached, the apartment she bought. This is an isolated incident, but the situation is typical: even in the project where everything is good, something is sure to catch”.

    No less significant example — taking into account the specifics of Moscow’s climate. The width of the tracks designed for snow-removal equipment, and decorative facade elements (pictured below) is designed so that in winter there is frost. “This approach requires a more deep dive specialists at the design stage takes more time but pays off in the operation,” – says Prokopenko.

    Or the height of the entrance to the underground Parking in the 2.8 m – step is illogical from the point of view of the developer’s costs, but thanks to this reception of bulky construction materials can be transported directly to the elevators, bypassing the halls with designer finishes. By the way, the interior of public areas in “Dynasty” will reward not only in the lobby (pictured below).

    Attention to detail Sezar Group requires from the partners. For example, the development of facade lighting design (pictured below) in cooperation with the Ultimatum Group project has been finalized. “At night the building will glow from within, – continues Viktor Prokopenko, the image will be very easy.” The concept of landscaping a yard space (partner – EuroPark) was revised several times, but in the end here is to recreate natural landscapes with hills, perennial flowers, shrubs and trees. With underground hidden no less serious engineering solution that will provide the opportunity for irrigation and the operation of fountains on the square, which is essentially the operated roof of the Parking lot.

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    How to change the layout

    “Supportive environment, designed, landscaped and guarded territory, “the yard without cars”, the modern engineering technology are key factors for buyers making a purchase decision,” says the Director of the Department of elite residential real estate company Knight Frank Lyudmila Potapova. But the main factor is the realtor believes the quality and variety of planning decisions. In this opinion she’s not alone. There are residential complexes, – says Irina Dobrokhotova, which commissioned 5-6 years ago, but still not sold out by 30%, despite the proximity of the subway and the absence of construction risks (the house is built, and the keys of the apartment to the day of payment). “The main problem of such projects – uncomfortable-plan: fall in the market and one-bedroom apartments with 65 sq meters apartment with a long corridor 18 sq meters, – says Ms. Dobrokhotova. But home buyers now rid of excess unused space, and not in a hurry for them to overpay”.

    In the residential complex “Dynasty” 2273 apartments (pictured below) ranging from 37 to 103 square meters. For one and two bedroom apartments are offered seven variants of layouts.
    “Planning decisions in the complex “Dynasty” is rather various: there are non-standard, interesting design options, there is the classic rectangles, – says the co-owner of the People2People design Studio and design Studio Candy Catherine Semikhatova. In General, the choice of the rich”.

    Apartments in this project will attract buyers not only a variety of layouts and high ceilings (4 meters), but also the possibility of combining, adds Lyudmila Potapova. On each floor four apartments. However, bearing elements is small, all the rooms can be combined. Will or two of the owner, or one on the whole floor. According to Viktor Prokopenko, about 30% of the housing in the “Dynasty” is acquired under the Association.

    Apartments can be combined and vertically. While duplex housing is acquired only one family. For this the developer had in the ceiling between floors to make the core with additional reinforcement. “We have our own design Institute, and if you plan ahead, you can make changes difficult, – explains Mr. Prokopenko. For the buyer such work does not require additional costs”. For another customer, the developer on the meter moved the front door. But to make a positive change developer ready at least two floors. For example, on the 19th floor, if a monolithic works are underway on the 17th.

    The December tradition

    To the question “Why the project is positioned in business class, while in characteristics is not inferior to many premium?” in the company “a “Dynasty” vintage model “classic business-class” which “misses” the top buyer category. Elements of the elite segment of compensate for “non-Prime” height 21-24 floor and specific location, but are not the defining class feature”.

    In Sezar Group is clearly being modest. Neither the distance from the center, nor the height of buildings do not interfere with developers to position their properties in the quality premium. Today the TTC is being built by four premium buildings: “sparrows house”, “the Cherry orchard”, “Snegiri-EKO” and “Prime Park”. The characteristics of “Dynasty” is comparable to the proposals in these projects, the price — competes. For example, in the residential complex “house sparrows”, where, however, a total of 200 apartments and which has already been commissioned, the home is sold in average of 440 000 rubles per square meter. “Positioning is solely the choice of the developer – says the managing partner of the Agency ZIP Realty Eugene Skomorovsky. – But I think it is better to be a top draft in a lower class than to qualify for a higher class, but be there as an outsider.”

    Recently, according to rosreestra, in the “Dynasty” is sold from 40 to 60 apartments per month. “At the same time, we don’t give discounts either in the summer or in the winter, – notes Viktor Prokopenko. Dumping will not allow you to implement the declared value of the project.” At the end of the year Sezar Group plans to start sales of the third stage of “Dynasty”. “The waiting list is already impressive,” says the expert, ready traditionally, the December queue. Without hype.

    Whether worked on “Dynasty,” “stormy weather” – the big question. As with the issue of victory in the dispute hype vs classic.


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