For those who decide to install in your home of these “comfort guards”, offer a brief selection algorithm roll systems.

Determining the type of protective boxes

If you are just building your house or planning to remodel, pay attention to the rolling systems with a hidden protective box, which is installed in a special niche above a window or door, and therefore, it is not visible. Thus, when the shutters go down, it seems like they appear out of the walls of the house.

In existing buildings, usually set-up shutters with outer protective box, which is selected in accordance with the style of the house. So, ALUTECH group of companies offers the classic box 20 and 45 degrees for buildings with strict geometry, as well as round or semi-circular ducts for facades, with a predominance of smooth lines.

The choice of roller shutter profile

Rolling profile is prosapogenin and extruded. Select the type of profile depends on the required degree of resistance to cracking and wind loads, as well as the size of the opening.

If you are in the priority thermal and sound insulation — stop your choice on prosapogenin lamellae from ALUTECH, which are made of high quality aluminum tape with two-layer paint coating, resistant to corrosion and small scratches. Thanks to the uniformity of pentaborane profiles is provided by the resistance of the blade to loads, and also minimizes the possibility of deformation.

If same, installing shutters, you want to make your home a reliable fortress — it is better to choose the extruded slats, which are characterized by high resistance to cracking due to thick walls (1-1,5 mm) and the presence of transverse ribs.

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The calculation of the size

Shutters are guaranteed to be able to protect Windows and doors from the strong rain, wind or snow, it is important to choose the right profiles taking into account the size of the opening and the wind district. To avoid mistakes at this stage can be pre-acquainted with the maximum size of the profile of a particular type is allowed to use shutters in a wind area.

Choice of guide rail

This element represents the lateral profiles, which moves the leaf shutters, which ensure the winding of the paintings in a protective box. The range of ALUTECH submitted:

  • Standard tires for motor vehicles with basic performance.
  • Reinforced tires, increase the resiliency of structures to cracking.
  • Dual-bus to combine two or more of the shutters and allows thus to reduce the cost of the system.
  • Distanciruemsa tires to increase the distance between the shutters and the window and door opening.
  • The corner of the tire to install roller shutters in the openings with the outer layer of insulation.


The management method determination

For rooms with multiple Windows and small openings suitable manual controls — they can be used to raise and lower rolling canvas small size and mass. If Windows and doors in your home a lot, the best solution would be the installation of the automation, which will allow you to control all roller shutters in the house at the same time or each separately using wall-mounted and portable single and multi-channel remotes.

Choice of locking system

To lock the shutters can both manually and automatically. In particular, ALUTECH offers:

  • Bolt lock or manual bolt, allowing you to lock the cloth roll in the lowermost position. And bolt lock with key both outside and inside and hand the bolt — the bolt on the inside.
  • Auto-lock to automatically lock rolling leaf in the lower position.
  • The locking bolt or locking profile, which provide for automatic locking of roller shutters with vorotkovy drive or electric drive.
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The last step that brings the selection process protective structures a touch of creativity is the color selection. In the range of “ALUTECH” — about 30 variants of colouring of the slats and components for roller shutter systems: from traditional white and brown to unusual — “red Rubin” and “Irish oak”. Thus, it is possible to find the optimal combination of the colors of the roof and facade colour performance of shutters.

Thus, with the roller shutter systems ALUTECH curious glances, the noise from the street, the scorching rays of the sun and the wind outside will remain outside your comfort zone, and the house will be for you and your loved ones a place that embodies comfort and harmony.

To get more information about roller shutter systems ALUTECH, consult your nearest representative of the Group of companies in the region.


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