Double sink: 40 stylish examples


    Double sink: 40 stylish examples.
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    As a rule, families are quite often faced with the problem of lack of time in the morning, because every member of the family wanted would be easy to wash and to brush my teeth. Of course, this problem can be solved, waking up a little earlier than others. But there is more aesthetic way is to install double sinks.

    Double sinks in the bathroom

    Such a decision would help to avoid family conflicts in the morning. A double sink can be a solid design and two separate sinks, but standing on one tabletop. Material performance, as a rule, ceramic, porcelain, natural stone, glass, stainless steel and even bronze and copper. Consider the main advantages and disadvantages of double sinks.


    • Personal space

    Now You have a personal space in the bathroom. This will allow for morning preparation for the day in parallel with Your partner.

    • Isolation of infection

    Indeed, because the sink now only use You, the probability of infection by various infections, even the most harmless, is greatly reduced.


    • The cost

    It is necessary to highlight the cost of double sinks as negative. They usually are quite expensive.

    • Space

    It is worth considering that the installation of a double sink requires a large amount of free space.

    Double sink: 40 stylish examples

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