where to store towels in the kitchen: where to hang kitchen or paper towels beautifully and conveniently


Storage of kitchen towels is not just a matter of ergonomics, but also habits. Paper or waffle? “Working” in spots or white bread? Ready to open the box or looking for the “no unnecessary movements” (for dirty hands)? Here’s what interior designers offer their clients different scenarios for the use of kitchen towels.



In the sink

It seems that the whim of a stylist is to throw a towel in the sink. But no. On Houzz uploaded hundreds of thousands of pictures of kitchens. And this decision is found in projects from around the world. It is hardly a coincidence: we assume that many of the hosts comfortably in the cooking process to shift the edge of the towel in the sink.

Use if: the Kitchen is without handles; mentally prepared for the scenario “has finished cooking — they sent a towel in the Laundry.”

Oakman Architecture Limited

Where cut — there stored
If you have the habit of using a bread towel (to hold the baguette on the Board), keep a napkin is clearly a need for a separate “work”. Alternatively, you use the rails under the shelf of the kitchen Cabinet.

Enlarge photo to review two rails in this kitchen.

Use if: you want to store beautiful kitchen towels. Cloth for cutting bread can be lace.


Under the sink on the holder
The solution from the interior photo, there are two important points: first — the location of the holder (where most use a towel). The second design of the holder: such rings are usually offered in collections for the bathroom. But nothing, it turns out, not stopping to hang towels in the kitchen that way.

Use if: you Have a habit to wipe his hands after washing dishes.

Rikki Snyder

On the handle of the oven and the hook headset
In this project, kitchen towels hanging on the stove “DFM”. But if you look closely, you working towel hostess keeps on specially screwed the hook between the lockers.

Use if: the Kitchen is large, and you don’t want to run her over with a towel. One towel on the stove, the other at the sink.

Next to the door
A solution for every kitchen. The width of the jamb (75mm — standard) enough so that the hooks do not interfere with the passage.

But it is important that the towel holder was at arm’s length from the stove or sink (as in the interior photo). If from your plate to hook to stretch further — don’t be surprised that the towels will be anywhere, but not hanging in place.

Use if: From the sink or plate can effortlessly reach the holder.

Georg Jensen Damask

On a ladder
Such a storage of towels in the kitchen requires a certain square footage of the premises and the desire to “keep the air”. The wall could be furniture, but it put the ladder up. The stairs could be tightly “download”, but it’s only been a couple of towels.

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Enlarge photo to consider: the working a towel hanging by the loop on the hook. Spare over the crossbar.

Use if: the Kitchen is spacious, and the staircase is easy (here on the left hand).

PS pierreswatch

To the rail on the wall
Solution for the “front” kitchens and towels. If you imagine the “honest” working towel, it will most likely be the spots that the last time is not “taken” bleach. This on the rails in front of the eyes will not hang.

Use if: you Need to hang beautifully striking towel. Suitable for bread mentioned towels.

Helberg Construction Management

Organizer inside of the Cabinet
Kitchen manufacturers filling in the number of standard mounts and stands offer, including sections for hanging kitchen towels. Choose the option with the possibility of pulling the loop and pull the holder from the depths of the wardrobe.

Use if: you Have a habit to wipe up spilled water with a towel, and then it need somewhere to hang to dry.

SO it is IMPOSSIBLE: hang the holders on the back side of the door.
Hangers on the door — the invention useful. Most importantly, hang them by the rails on the inside, not the outside (as shown in photo from a Chinese online store). Open the door in one motion. And visual rubbish in the kitchen much less.

Use if: it is Necessary to hide gloves and a towel at the same time.

Holly Marder

Under the table
Another way to hang a towel in the kitchen — below eye level under the table. Please note: the roof made it almost the full length of the kitchen island. Conveniently, you do not “aim”: the towel can be hung in any location of rails.

Use if: Used a towel to brush the crumbs from the dining table.

Richard Landon Design

Inside the top of the locker
A popular option is the idea of storing towels in the kitchen — use holder inside the top of the module.

Use if: Order the frame of the kitchen Cabinet made of solid or MDF. Or he’s already made of these materials. To saw through the bottom of the locker made of particleboard does swell.

Kendall Wilkinson Design


Extend the countertop
On the rails at the end of the U-shaped kitchen should be thinking at the time of order headset. Please note: the designer specifically brought the countertop outside of the lockers. The result — the roof on the passage, but cling to it. The second convenient thing — the rounded corners of the tabletop.

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If you screwed the rails to the end of the existing kitchen (and extending the countertop over it), it is easy to instruct yourself the bruises.

Use if: the Kitchen is small, on the headset no handles, and place for towels on the passage.

BlueWaterPictures – Dennis Anderson photographer

Please note: roll not bulging out due to the fact that the towel in the recess. To finalize thus the existing kitchen module, you will have to add bottom bar, but keep the worktop (as in the solution in the previous photo).

Use if: a Island on wheels. During cooking it can be put diagonally to deploy to the stove and to the sink at the same time.

Studio Folkestone

Replace “butylenes”
Usually narrow locker complete with baskets for oil or spices. But there are options with the towel.

Use if: you Need somewhere to store not only the towel but also cutting boards. At the option of the side wall appears to support, and the Board will not fall out when you open the section.

Provincial Kitchens

The bottle holders have end-to-end pros: the towel is convenient to use with two parties — standing at the stove next to the sink, for example.

Use if: you Need to hang towels in the kitchen linear layout (especially in a small room with the stove and sink is a step away).

David Heide Design Studio

By the way: to Hang paper towels in the kitchen the same way — inside the bottle holders.

TZS Design

A narrow box for paper towels
This is a special module that is ordered simultaneously with the purchase of a kitchen. But you can pull out the old (conventional) box to replace the one with the holder for the roll.

Use if: the Width of the drawer with rolled towel a little more than the roll.

Crystal Cabinets

A wide drawer for paper towels
The height of a standard roll of 21-23 cm, Respectively, if the kitchen module is twice as wide, on each side there is a place that you can use.

Hemphill”s Rugs & Carpets

Indoor module for paper towels looks almost the same as a narrow box.

Use if: Annoying kind of paper towels at eye level and there is a “free” box.

CDH Designs LLC

Recess for towels
The extension in the upper part you need to replace the used roll.

Use if: you want to place a paper towel at the end (here on the island).

And how to keep your kitchen towels you? Fold or hang on a hook? Hide or prefer to keep on hand? Share your lifehacks in the comments under the article!


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