Why rich people leave the center of the capital: life on a peninsula in the middle of Moscow


Green areas of the capital are becoming new points of attraction for buyers of expensive housing

In recent years, the map of premium real estate in Moscow has been actively expanding. Increasingly, new premium residential complexes are appearing outside the center: usually in the west and north-west of the city. Let's try to figure out what this is connected with.

The center of Moscow or a forest park?

The main reason for this trend is, of course, ecology. The center of the capital is characterized by high gas pollution, and green spaces occupy only 10% of the area of ​​the Central Administrative District. For comparison: on average in Moscow this figure is 35.8%.

And the most environmentally friendly are considered to be closed joint-stock companies and North-Western Joint-Stock Administrative Okrug of Moscow. The favorable environment in these districts is facilitated by the capital's wind rose, relatively low (when compared with other districts of the city) traffic density and many forested areas.

In particular, on the border of these districts there is a green zone of the capital – Moskvoretsky Park with an area of ​​more than 3,660 hectares, which is becoming a new point of attraction for buyers of quality housing.

This is not the largest park in the capital, but unique. It is all cut up by water arteries: the Moscow River, the Bolshoi Stroginsky Backwater, the Skhodnya River, Lake Bezdonnoye in Serebryany Bor and the Rowing Canal.

“Club city on the Primavera River”

Recently, many new residential complexes have been built along the perimeter of Moskvoretsky, mainly of the business and premium classes. In particular, in the Pokrovskoye-Streshnevo area, on the banks of the Moscow River, a new premium quarter “Club City on the Primavera River” is being built >>

The developer of the complex is SZ Spartak Stadium LLC. The company's first facility was the Otkritie Bank Arena stadium. Sports facilities are more difficult to build than residential ones: the structure is more complex, tolerances are minimal, and control is higher. Therefore, it was not difficult for the company to expand the palette of projects by including the residential segment.

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Peninsula in the middle of Moscow

Both the stadium and the residential complex “Club City on the Primavera River” are being built as part of the comprehensive development program for the former Tushinsky airfield. This territory has only one land border – the Volokolamsk Highway; on the other three sides it is surrounded by large water arteries: the Moscow and Skhodnya rivers, as well as the Canal named after. Moscow. This area is often called the “peninsula”. There have never been factories, chemical industries, treatment facilities or old buildings here.

And by 2014, the peninsula had its own Spartak metro station, which seriously increased the attractiveness of the area for residential construction. Today, five residential complexes have been built here.

“Club City on the Primavera River” is the only premium complex on the peninsula and occupies the most advantageous position: near a park stretching along the Moscow River. The developer invested about 3 billion rubles in the improvement of the park: pedestrian paths were laid out on the embankment, sports and children's playgrounds were made, and about 2 thousand large trees and shrubs were planted. The main attraction of the park will be the green terraces of the amphitheater, which can accommodate up to 250 spectators. In the warm season, they plan to hold concerts and film screenings here. A yacht club will open soon. And after all the improvement work is completed, the area of ​​the eco-park will be 49 hectares.

You can see what the park looks like today in the video: the tour will be led by the famous actor Yuri Kolokolnikov.

Rossini and Vivaldi

The Primavera complex is being built in blocks. The first – Rossini – consists of two towers with a height of 22 floors, the construction of which is planned to be completed in 2024. The second quarter – Vivaldi (different-height sections from 5 to 22 floors) – will be commissioned at the beginning of 2025.

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The entrance lobbies of each building have their own unique design, reminiscent of the foyer of expensive hotels (reception construction, six-meter ceilings). Also on the ground floors there will be space for a children's playroom, a small cinema, co-working space and sports halls. All these options will be available only to residents. And on the outside of the complex there will be public infrastructure: cafes, shops and restaurants.

120 layouts and 25 penthouses

The areas of apartments in the “club city” vary from 42 to 200 sq. m. meters. There are more than 120 options for various layouts. The complex has classic lots and Euro-format lots, apartments with corner glazing, master bedrooms, dressing rooms and two bathrooms. You can view them on the developer’s website >>

On the ground floors there are apartments with patios. In this case, the buyer acquires ownership of both the premises itself and the adjacent courtyard with an area of ​​20-35 square meters. meters. This is rare for Moscow. The upper floors are allocated for 25 penthouses. Moreover, the area of ​​the smallest of them is only 60 square meters. meters. But these are full-fledged penthouses with ceilings up to 6 meters high and terraces.

All apartments will have full panoramic glazing, and almost all of them will have views of the park and the Moscow River. Specialists from the Atrium bureau, who created the architectural project, managed to achieve a similar effect by turning the towers relative to each other. The main thing is that with this arrangement, the residents of the complex from their windows will not be able to observe the life of their neighbor in the house opposite.

And finally, about the prices. Average prices for lots in the Rossini quarter are 600 thousand rubles, in Vivaldi – a little cheaper, about 500 thousand. You can purchase housing in the “Club City on the Primavera River” with a mortgage or in installments. Details can be found by following the link >>

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