Mythbusters: how women are buying vacation homes


    How women buy houses, ancient jokes and myths among a strong half of mankind. As found by the portal not all of them is the invention of men.


    Inspection on women, Finance — men

    Women rarely buy a country estate in the Moscow region. Especially if we are talking about luxury objects. According to “Metrium Premium”, the share of the beautiful half of humanity among all customers does not exceed 3-5%. Moreover, this value does not change for many years.

    Even if we are talking about family customers, the call comes from her husband, insists the managing Director of the company Ilya Mogunov. On the first view, men often come alone, and only on the second show — with his wife.

    Interestingly, with the townhouses, the situation is quite different: how do I find the company “Kaskad Realty”, in the last two years the proportion of women among family buyers of such objects is increased by 5%. In 2017 the share of married couples accounted for about 60% of the transactions, the ratio of men and women was 54% and 46%, respectively.

    While active in the sales offices to call women, they often come to first impressions. But the financial questions and the detailed parameters of the transaction are discussing men.

    In General, the portrait of the buyers of suburban housing in the capital region, according to market experts, looks like this: woman, aged 45-60 years old, works as a top Manager in a large company, often with grown children, married or in the divorce process.


    The “male” mind the woman did not understand

    And yet women and men are different choose the future of housing. Representatives of the weaker sex do not much care what they are made of house, it is important the infrastructure, the view from the window.

    “Of course, women are more emotional and less pay attention to technical details. But it can be seen only on the behavior on view,” — said the head of sales Department of country real estate Penny Lane Realty Maria Sakovtseva.

    When choosing a property the woman first and foremost concerned with issues related to the development and safety of children: how many gardens and playgrounds are nearby, as working security, where there are hospitals, schools, creative studios. Even features layouts, sometimes, depend on the “child question”.

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    “For example, one shopper chose a house in our village, because of its small area just to fit children’s village to watch them from the panoramic Windows from the comfort of home. For another woman it was important to get a free plan with no partitions — this allows you to cook in the kitchen/dining area and watch out for playing children in the living room”, — said Konstantin Romanov, development Director of Villagio Estate.

    Also women are always interested in the area of the dressing room configuration of the kitchen and dining area, facing a certain direction of light. But sometimes that’s what guided the beautiful half of humanity when buying a suburban real estate, it is difficult to explain using the “male” logic.

    For example, in the practice of the company “Metrium Premium” was such a case. In one of the elite settlements on one street there were two identical houses with a gazebo. One of them, it was placed to the right of the building, the other on the left. That is, household was like a mirror to each other.

    The first house looked a married couple (both spouses age about 35 years). The object they loved, but they wanted to think and took a break. During this time the house was bought by other people. “Accordingly, we offered the first couple to see the next, exactly the same, but with gazebo in the other side,” — says Ilya Mogunov.

    The husband did not notice any difference for him was, in principle, important features of the site and the house. But the wife after the show refused the deal because of the location of the gazebo, although light regime, and the removal from roads, and color and form, and all other characteristics were identical. In the end, the house they never bought.

    Experts interviewed by the portal believe that women are normally easier just to be in the mind a certain image even at the stage of primary screening: how it will look living room where to organize a children’s bedroom and what design will fit the interior. Often women use more emotional criteria that they are more often than men, it is possible to hear the reasoning for selection or rejection as “mine−not mine.”

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    Customer problems

    Buying women has long been overgrown with various myths. One of them is that supposedly women prefer housing without decoration, to make the repairs.

    Actually all with accuracy Yes on the contrary. How precisely men are often mentally and financially ready to buy “concrete wall”, spending millions of rubles and months on finish of the room. Women don’t want these “tests”, preferring the house “turnkey”, where you can move only after collecting the suitcases.

    Another myth is the uncertainty of women in search of housing. Many people somehow believe that they are always difficult to cater to, and search of object of dreams may take years. In reality, buyers-men often have no idea what they want to buy in the end. But women are much more specific and much faster decide to purchase.

    However, some “troubles” the women who buy “squares” for the ring road really is, and sometimes they are mutually exclusive. According to the sales Department of the company “MIEL-Country real estate”, you can highlight the main ones:

    • should not be a second entrance to the house (“you’ll Have to frequently wash the floors near both entrances, the shoes will be scattered in two places”);

    • wiring should not be performed outside (“Ugly wires all over the house”);

    • view from the kitchen must be beautiful;

    • the bigger the kitchen, the better;

    • the house should be large (“Big house is great, the children will be where to play”);

    • the house should not be large (“It will have to remove all”);

    • there should not be room for her husband (“He will go there”);

    • everything should be beautiful (“the Functionality and convenience pale into insignificance”).

    Perhaps all of the above can be summarized as: the woman in the head in advance is a dream house, it is only important whether the purchased object to that image in my head.

    Ilya Whales


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