Why your garage needs an automatic sectional door?


    Relatively recently, about 20 years ago, garages were to be found only a hinged metal gate. However, over time they ceased to meet modern requirements for comfort and safety protective systems. To replace obsolete structures come compact and durable sectional doors. And the installation of electric and completely made them a real boon for rational owners.

    The Group of companies “ALUTECH” is an experienced manufacturer of profile systems, roller shutters and sectional doors — its view on the question of comfort. Holding offers protective designs for the garage that can make life of car owners easier, and the safety of the machine is more reliable.

    ALUTECH sectional doors are made of sandwich panels with thickness of 45 mm, which is considered one of the warmest in the European market. Thus, the ratio of the heat resistance of the gate is 1.0 m2·oC/W, which corresponds to the thermal conductivity of a brick wall at 60 cm.

    For additional sealing of interpanel joints are used with EPDM seals that easily withstand extreme cold, moisture and sunlight. While the side and top seals the gate ALUTECH — lobe. The petals form an additional air chamber, thereby enhancing the insulating properties of the garage door. Below the cloth was pressed to the gap as tight as possible use adjustable roller brackets.

    All these solutions ensure the safety of the car and another kept in the garage of the property in any weather: in the rain, in the cold and in the snow, and even hurricane winds speed up to 120 km/h.

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    Technology for comfort

    For owners who can not imagine their life without technological know-how, appreciate every minute of his time and used to live comfortably, ALUTECH group of companies has a special offer — functional Levigato electric drives for sectional doors, allowing control structures, just by pressing a button on the remote. The maximum speed at which the automation is able to raise and lower gate — 0.2 m/s. for example, a gate height of 2 meters will open in just 10 seconds.

    The manufacturer guarantees that the actuators will withstand at least 30 000 cycles, which corresponds to 20 years of daily operation at the rate of 4 cycles of lifting-lowering of a day.

    What useful function is “hidden” under the stylish body Levigato?

    • Unique built-in LED light, which can be used for additional garage lighting. In this case you can manage it with the remote.
    • A number of options for safe operation of gates, for example, a custom force actuator and the detection of obstacles. It is also possible to connect additional safety devices: solar cells, optosensor and a signal lamp.
    • A function to check the position of the gate once in a hundred cycles, that provides high exactness of stop gate in end positions during the entire period of operation.
    • Option AutoClose, thanks to which there is no need to submit additional team to the lowering of the designs.
    • Manual unlocking and also to connect a battery in case of power outage.

    If, in addition to garage doors, rustic house is equipped with shutters and also entrance gates ALUTECH, to manage all systems and even lighting of the yard is possible with a single remote control.

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    Automatic sectional gates ALUTECH — functional solution that is impressive!

    To get more information about automated gates ALUTECH, consult your nearest representative of the Group of companies in the region.


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