The hotel Autor Rooms with a homely atmosphere and unusual details in Poland


    More isn’t better — I think the owners of the mini-hotel Autor Rooms in Warsaw. Here there are only 4 rooms, ranging in size from 18 to 37 sq m, but each of them deserves special attention. Two small rooms similar to ordinary small bedrooms, but in the larger there was a place for recreation and the imagination: in one of the rooms is interesting design with four poster bed and the other with a balcony and the composition of the lamps over the bed. For the style, but the furniture and decor in each of them is unique. By the way, all rooms for comfort and a compact toilet, sink and shower. In the common area, guests can enjoy a Cup of coffee, relax on the couch or cook dinner in the cosy kitchen. By the way, anyone can rent from all 4 rooms and to enjoy living in a 200-meter apartment in the center of the Polish capital.

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