Seven of the most available club houses of premium and elite class in Moscow


    The minimum cost of apartments in chamber projects is 13 million rubles, while prices for apartments start from 26.9 million rubles

    Format club houses appeared in the elite class. It was an expensive low-rise buildings for the exclusive tenants were selected in a similar social status and life philosophy. Apartments were a little bit, the infrastructure was only meant for the residents and commercial premises were absent. Today, the concept of maximum closeness is gone, and the format spread to other segments.

    Number of storeys and the population density increased, but remained all the same privacy of the living space and atmosphere of the neighbourhood. And now you can get it all for much less money. The collection includes seven of the most available club houses of the elite and premium-class primary market of Moscow in which not more than 100 flats or apartments. The minimum cost of apartments in a chamber draft is 13 rubles, and prices for apartments start from 26.9 million rubles. In preparing the articles used data from CYANOGEN.

    Sinatra – from 13 million rubles

    Cheaper to settle in the club house is to purchase apartment in the project company Glincom Sinatra. For 13 million rubles of the proposed facility with an area of 36 square meters on the 3rd floor, checked in the White Box format. Sinatra is a redevelopment of a 7-storey administrative building “Rospechat”, built in the first half of the 20th century. The house has only scheduled 97 apartments. Commissioning is scheduled for the third quarter of this year. The house is located in the Presnensky district, about a kilometer from the Garden ring.

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    “Daniel house” – from 16.5 million rubles

    3.5 million rubles more expensive apartment in another project, which will complete in July-September 2020 in the “Daniel house”. But the area is more than two times and is 52 square meters. It “odnushka” on the 6th floor, which also passed with a trim White Box. “Daniel house” – a new building and more high – 12 floors, but the apartments are much smaller – only 36. The company “SMU-6 Investments” implements this project in the South of Moscow, near Danilovsky market.

    “The color of 32” – from 18 million rubles

    In this project, like the other four, the prices are higher, but to wait for the end of the building is not necessary – the building is commissioned. In the house “Color 32” Hutton Development apartments cost of 18 million rubles. For that amount you can buy the property with an area of 39 square meters located on the 6th floor. In General, the 8-storey building includes 47 apartments. Built, “Color 32” in the center of the city – directly on the Colored Boulevard.

    Maison Rouge – from 25.8 million rubles

    A premium 10-storey building, Maison Rouge, whose name in French means “Red house”, the entry threshold is already above 20 million. Over 25.8 million rubles for sale 2-room apartment 60 square meters located on the 3rd floor. Maison Rouge has 40 apartments. The house was built by MR Group in the Tver region, about 2 km from the “Color 32”.

    “Gorokhovsky, 12”, from 26.7 million rubles

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    Nearly a million costly to the most affordable apartment project of the company “BEL development” – the 7-storey “Gorokhovsky, 12”. Over 26.7 million rubles, you can buy “kopeck piece” area of 65.5 square meters, located on the 3rd floor of the house. The building of 72 apartments. “Gorokhovsky, 12” built in Basmanny district

    The Mostman – from 26.9 million rubles

    In The Mostman (Tagansky) property is realized in the status of the apartments and costs from 26.9 million rubles. This “kopeck piece” area of 63 square meters on the top seventh floor. The Builder of the house on 48 apartments were “Investment”.

    “The olive house” – from the 27 million rubles

    Pay 100 thousand rubles, you can buy a house in a single collection of project Deluxe – “Olive house”. 27 million rubles worth apartment area of 51 sqm, located on the 4th floor. Just a 9-storey building with 64 apartments planned. Company “donstroy” built “the Olive house” in cross-country district of CAO, about your other project – LCD “Saturday”, an infrastructure which, incidentally, is also available to the residents of the club house.


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