Detox design: How to start “cleansing” for the benefit of the interior


    “Fasting days” and cleansing program in the fall need not only your body but also your home. And in a large metropolis such “detox” altogether to become a fashion trend, as the reception from a good psychologist.

    Under the detox design, I mean a set of techniques that will lead to the renewal of the interior. I do not urge to throw out old / buy new / updated in accordance with the fashion trends. The task is to get rid of “toxic” and superficial in the interior, to return to the former lightness in the perception of space.

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    1. Swipe do a General cleaning
    I’m not going to teach you how to properly wash the ceiling or fold t-shirts in the dresser — you probably have read dozens of such articles. Well, if in a fit of fall cleaning did you call the dry cleaning carpet or entrusted her with the covers of the sofas. The highest level of detox mastery: to give the chair or chairs to the padding of the upholstery instead close spot all sorts of drapery a La tapestry.

    2. Check the expiration date
    Free shelves from expired conservation. This applies to medicines in the medicine Cabinet, cosmetics, groceries on the kitchen shelves, dried up pens and broken pencils that cannot be sharpened. Take the time to audit — free shelf from items with expired.

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    3. Wash and open the Windows
    Yes, it is now the season of grey skies, when the sun and light in the room is not enough, so it is important to maintain the glass clean — room will seem brighter even in the gloomy day.

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    Many years ago we, the British, had wrapped the “winter” curtains in several layers, to corny to be protected from drafts. From modern Windows already does not blow, so it’s time to go on vacation is heavy and thick draperies. Your choice: translucent and fluid fabrics, easy cuts.


    4. Organize
    Surely you have a separate section for shoes in the closet and, most likely, you learned how to store belts, gloves, handbags correctly. It’s time to apply the techniques of systematization to other things in the house.

    First of all, we’re talking about books — they create a lot of “visual noise” and add the feeling of chaos on level ground.

    A simple tip that many ignore is to spend the time and group print publications according to subject, age and fields of activity. For example, classical pieces, place on the top shelf, children’s books and magazines fold in decorative boxes or containers. A clear distinction of things allows you to quickly and without worries to find the desired of them, and also helps the process of cleaning the room. If enough time and effort — you can do meaningful decorating shelves, about which we already wrote.

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    5. You need
    The procedure begins where there is no unnecessary detail. If so (I bet is unlikely), you should not worry. Otherwise, I propose to hide them.

    Underfoot wire draw in the original decor — wrapped with ribbon, rough rope, decorate wooden beads. You are free to bring to them an exaggerated attention or, conversely, to arrange for transactions unobtrusive cable channels.

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    Same with the radiators: you can hide them with decorative screen, painted to match the walls or to paint in color fuchsia, as did the authors of the project with photos.

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    6. Edit interior
    I rarely allocate enough time to thoroughly think through the plan for transformation bored of the interior. But some of the details change it is important. Try to add new sensations, not only visual but also tactile. Swap the usual pictures / paintings. If hanging a strictly defined framework, and their placement on the wall, change the “content”.

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    Tip: Buy new linens from linen or thin cotton, lay at the foot of the bed pad, pillow dressed in fur or velvet covers. The meaning of detox in this case is to surprise himself and his own tactile and visual senses, refresh your view of the world.

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    7. Stop procrastinating later
    The main goal of the detox is not only in getting rid of maximum number of visual “toxins”, but in creating a healthy environment. And so “taste” which you feel, rejoicing in the interior as in the first days after the repair. To achieve this feeling is not so difficult — much more difficult just to start. Don’t wait for Monday, and tonight will perform at least one of the items on my list. And breathing in the home have become easier!


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